Me and Mine

To be completely honest, the only reason I created this "section" is because I had headshots done for work (years ago) and have no idea what I'm actually supposed to do with them. My boss also got hers done (read: she got hers done and let me tag along) and is planning to use hers on her blog... that sounded like a good idea. Stealing it.

So hi, I'm Elizabeth. This is me being professional and headshot-y. I'm a new mom to the sweetest little bug you ever did see. I'm a wife to a man who has always made me feel like superwoman. I'm a daughter of Christ, in awe of His grace every day. 

Here are the other key players in my life...

I asked Jesus for his headshot and he never sent me one. Rude.

My handsome hubs who lives up to his promise of making me laugh every single day, even on the days that I don't like him. 

The absolute joy of our lives, Aiden Grace, joined the party on August 25, 2015. You can read about her debut here

The cutest, smartest diva pup, Ruthie, who picked us out at the Atlanta Humane Society in February 2011 and has made us smile ever since. (We also paid to have her headshots made, and by that I mean she stole the show at our family photo shoot a few years ago. Such a ham.)

Our cuddly little weirdo, Hank! We rescued him in February 2014 from the Atlanta Humane Society, too - and he has completed our baseball-themed fur family. (Babe) Ruthie and Hank (Aaron) - our homerun duo.

We all love each other a whole lot and thoroughly adore our super fun life. 

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