Aiden: Two Months

Monday, October 26, 2015

Two months! Wow. Time flies. She gets more fun everyday! I mean, look at that face.

Here are some updates on our little buggy…

  • She's awake much more during the day, but we still don't have a sleeping schedule. She typically wakes up every 2.5 - 3 hours at night, but just eats and goes right back to sleep. I can't complain! (As I write this, she actually went two stretches of five hours last night!) We're going to try to get her on somewhat of a schedule once we get back from California in a couple weeks.
  • She still sleeps with us, and will only sleep in someone's arms, the car or her swing. If we try to put her in the crib or bassinet once she's asleep she'll wake up within about 20 minutes.
  • She is smiling and cooing up a storm! My favorite thing ever is when I'm talking to her and she'll look me in the eye and give me a big, gummy smile.
  • Blowing spit bubbles is another one of her newest tricks - of course, she doesn't actually know she's doing it.
  • The changing table is still her most favorite place. Mornings there are the greatest - she'll just smile, chat and kick around for a solid 30 minutes.
  • We've been terrible at tummy time (oops), but she does love to stretch and grow on her play mat. That counts, right?
  • If she's fussy, turning on music or taking her outside almost always calms her down.
  • She loves her daddy.
  • She also loves bath time with daddy. We changed her bath time to the afternoon because we noticed she slept pretty terrible after her baths. And then she started getting drowsy post-bath, so we moved it to nighttime. She had one last night, so I'd say that's our new nighttime routine. (See above for last night's sleep score.)
  • She's pretty good at holding her head up. What can I say? She's gifted.
  • We're hearing more and more that she looks like me, which I love
  • She's still a champ at breastfeeding, and will usually eat every three hours.
  • She had her first little cold, but it didn't seem to bother her at all.
  • She's still in 0-3 month clothes and just outgrew her newborn diapers on her two month birthday. 
  • She has a love/hate relationships with the car. Sometimes she just stares out the window, other times (mainly after we stop at a red light) she screams and nothing will calm her down until someone gets her out. It breaks my heart when there's nothing I can do!
  • She's still pretty content, but will definitely let us know when she's mad! 
Her two month appointment went great! 10lbs 8oz (41%) and 24" long (97%). Her head is in the 94th percentile… because her brain is so big! (Not really, but don't think Adam didn't ask.) She also got her first shots, which was the saddest moment of my life. I'm not really an emotional person, so I wasn't too worried about it. However, when she got that first shot and screamed, I cried right along with her. SADDEST THING, EVER. Luckily, she got over them quicker than mama and was a snuggle bug shortly after.

We love her more and more everyday!

Fall Fun!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Life is so much more fun with a kid! And we've actually been pretty busy lately! Silly me for thinking life would be more chill with a babe.

Play time with daddy!

Ms. Personality!

How am I ever supposed to move her into her crib?! She's the cutest little snuggler, ever.

I went to the bathroom and came back to find her like this. I promise I didn't pose her!

Walks with Nonna! (The weather was just as beautiful as it looks.)

Rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals this post-season! (We have to find the picture of Adam in his Cardinals onesie as a baby.)

Girl talk with her aunts!

Haha, poor Jude! (Oh my gosh, I can't even handle how CUTE he is these days!!!)

Pumpkin patch!

Look at her little boots… and her pumpkin pants!

She still loves bath time with daddy!

He's quite the multi-tasker!

Friends from NC came in town to meet AG!

Auntie Nat! It was so special seeing Natalie meet Aiden for the first time. She's one of the first people I told I was pregnant, and she's just been so excited about the little one since the beginning!

Can't stop laughing.

Kelly and Jason invited us to a dinner party at her Aunt and Uncle's house. Tish and Clay served us an amazing meal, and it was overall just an awesome time! We'll come back anytime! (Please!)

Everything was beyond delicious!


Hens and the baby chicky!!

Just some mid-nap yoga. (How is this comfortable??)

She loves the Kardashians. Oops. (In my defense, we don't have cable anymore, but somehow get E! And all they ever play is the Kardashians.)

Just hanging out and smiling.

Natalie got her this chair, and we finally put her in it for WCU's Homecoming. I about died from the cuteness. (And I promise she didn't fall out.)

Thanks for carving my first pumpkin, daddy!

AHHH. This picture is so amazing.

And we'll end it with a picture of our smiley girl! (I think baby jeans are the cutest thing in the world.)

Newborn Pictures

Friday, October 9, 2015

I thought I'd be pretty good about posting once Aiden arrived (helllllo, I only have 9372329387 pictures of her… so far). In the past six weeks, I haven't been "pretty good" about anything other than loving on my sweet babe. No one ever told me how difficult it would be to eat during the day (most of the time I live on a granola bar until Adam gets home) or to just pee (I finally had to just bring her with me one time… shimmying my pants off wasn't the problem, figuring out how to get them back up was the most exercise I've had in months).

Anywho, I figured I'd share her newborn pictures! I did not want to do any kind of maternity photo shoot, but knew I wanted to do newborn pictures (how can anyone resist?). I did research on a bunch of different photographers in the spring, and decided on Laurie Jean and Rose. I love her style and she was right up the road in Kennesaw.

We had the pictures done when she was still just a newbie - 12 days old! These pictures finally came through in the middle of the night when I was feeding her, and of course I was then so excited I couldn't go to sleep for awhile. We LOVE them!

Posing with her favorite stuffed animal that Aunt Kelsey made!

These details photos were the last in the file. After looking at all of those precious pictures, this one of her little baby hands is the one that made me tear up. It really is miraculous how even itty bitty babes are itty bitty humans - little fingers and all!