Family Pictures - Fall 2016

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My friend, Karen, was kind enough to take our family pictures this fall. It was the coldest day of the season and mom of the year (holler!) didn't plan Aiden's outfit very well. She was not having it during pictures and we got one whole smile out of her the entire time. If you know AG, you know she's the happiest little lamb, so it was a bummer we weren't able to capture her smiley self. LESSON LEARNED. Comfort over fashion in the future. (Never.)

All that being said, Karen worked some magic and got some really great shots!

What is this face??? Too funny.

She kept making this face - one I had never seen before and haven't seen since. Of course.

Ladies and gentlemen... a SMILE.

Quite possibly the greatest picture in the universe.

She was OVER. IT. (But she let me hold her like a little baby. I loved it.)


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ugh, I've really been slacking on this blog. The problem (because yes, I have an excuse) is that I'm always on my work computer, but I typically blog (and upload my pics) to our home computer. First world problems! Anyway, I have the cutest content ever and need to do a much better job posting.

Starting with right after Aiden's birthday… We headed to Pinehurst, NC for Madi and Malcolm's wedding.

Aiden's first ice cream…she loved it (duh!).

Crazy what a difference a year makes

sink baths!

Fun at Piedmont Park

Jude turned two!

We cheered daddy on at his softball games!


Lots of evenings spent swinging in the front yard.

Cousin fun at the Marietta Square

My girl. 

Hanging with grandpa

Happy birthday, Jude!!

Adam pulled out a tree!

Bubble baths.

Auntie Dom got engaged! Someone was asked to be the world's cutest flower girl. (And her momma was asked to be a bridesmaid! yay!)

Fun fact: If you live in metro Atlanta, you can "check out" a zoo pass from the local library. We had a great time - made even greater by the fact that it was free!

She loved the petting zoo!

I'm a part of the Family Advisory Council at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, and we had a fun Family Fun Day in October!

Oh, I'm a sucker for vests. 

I wanted to pose with Charlie Brown while I was in my Charlie Brown sweater… a little chicky couldn't be left out.

They are seriously the cutest.

Adam takes Aiden on the best daddy daughter dates! This one was a trip to the Chick-Fil-A drive thru and back home for a front yard picnic with ice cream.

My mom and I threw Maggie and Michael a baby shower. I was way too proud of this cupcake anchor - I immediately directed everyone to the dining room to look at it.

Can't wait to meet sweet baby M!

Aiden "helping" open presents.

My cousin Emma and Aiden are besties! She's the best babysitter.

Adam and Michael trying to teach Mitch how to smoke a cigar. Entertaining to say the least.

We finally got to meet Madelyn! She's the precious daughter of our friends Dallas and Chad. Dallas was diagnosed with Stage 4 Inflammatory Breast Cancer back in June, and I was so happy to finally just give her a big hug and spend time with them. Keep up with her fight and specific prayer requests here.

We visited the same pumpkin patch as last year! (Thank you Dallas for the super cute shirt!)

Ruthie loves Aiden. It's mutual.

My dear, dear friend Barbara came in town, and we got to meet sweet Jax! (aka my future son-in-law)

We got to babysit Jax when they went to a wedding. We were his first non-family babysitters! He was such a sweetheart, but phew… two is hard!

Aiden was a little jealous in the beginning, but she warmed up to him and thought it was hilarious to give him so many kisses.

Afternoon in the Country with two of my favorite ladies! Fun fact, I put this on Instagram and mentioned Paxton (the little boy in Kelly's tummy) - and I'm still mortified because she hadn't announced it on social media, yet!!! Ugh, the ultimate social media faux pas. (I immediately deleted it once I was called out, of course.)

Dinner and a show!

Fun with Jude!

The election happened. Aiden will be on the ballot in 2048. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Andddd that's all the photos that will upload for now. Hooray to me for finally updating!