December Happenings

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ah, what a December it's been... Let's start with the fun stuff.

Look at my little Rainbow Brite! She's loved gripping onto toys lately... including Betty, her Christmas doll.

I went back to work on Tuesday, Dec 8 (exactly one year from the day I found out I was pregnant! Life is ironic.). Adam surprised me on Sunday with flowers, a babysitter (thanks, Nonna and Papa) and a night out! We tried a new restaurant on the square, Piastra, followed by our favorite - ice cream! He is the absolute sweetest man in the world, and I can't believe he's mine!

I'm telling ya, this Merlin Magic Suit is life changing. We decided it was time Aiden started sleeping in her crib - I wasn't sleeping great (duh), but I could also tell that she wasn't either. Sunday night was our first official night, and she did great! (She's been sick all week, so I don't know if that has anything to do it.) I'm keeping track of how she does every night (Adam says I'm writing a research paper), and for two nights she's slept 11 hours - waking up only once for a couple hours! Of course, we still make sure she's totally asleep before we put her in the crib. We're not quite ready to let her cry until she falls asleep.

I ordered her a First Christmas ornament from Etsy, and I love how it turned out. May her ornament collection begin!

Merry Christmas, Adam! This tattoo probably deserves a post of its own, which it kinda already does! Check this post out for the meaning behind it...

My gourmet chef (Adam) made us sushi this weekend!

We took family pictures for Dave & Debbie's Anniversary/Christmas on Saturday. Poor Aiden still wasn't feeling great, but she was a trooper. She loves being outside, so it wasn't too torturous for her... we hope.

My loves. (Adam's head is basically the size of her. Hilarious.)

Santa and such

Saturday, December 5, 2015

I can't believe it's already December 5! This is my last official weekend of maternity leave… I go back on Tuesday. Kind of ironic that I go back to work exactly one year to the date from when I found out I was pregnant. DON'T MAKE ME! :(

Moving on to more positive things… look at our big girl! Where did my baby go??

Our poor neglected November babies! This month, Ruthie turned 5 and Hank turned 2.

Aiden and I headed out to Dallas, TX with my mom last week to visit some of the Kiedinger kinfolk. Here we are enjoying some airport dining.

She was a trooper on the plane… like always! (Knock on wood… She has four flights under her belt now.)

We met up with everyone at El Fenix for the intros!

The next morning, Christina and Mimi came by to meet AG.

I wish the lighting was better… look how sweet Aiden looks!

Lunch with Uncle John!

We spent a good bit of time hanging out on the floor… There's not much to do at GG's.


 She enjoyed being naked and rolling around with her lovey. Oh, to be a baby.

We got back on Thursday night, and then had plans to meet up with Lindsay and Linda for lunch on Friday. Aiden was in such a content mood, and it was so fun for everyone to finally meet! (Quite the week of meetings for Aiden.)

We headed up to Avalon this morning with Meagan, Nathan and Jude to meet Santa! My mom won a Santa package at the Give Me Five auction back in August… before Aiden was even here!

We also took our Christmas Card picture… the lighting was fabulous, if I may say so myself.

This totally would have been our Christmas card if SOMEONE didn't look so silly.

Love this family of mine.

SANTA!!! This guy was great and I really loved our experience. (Of course, we did get the "VIP Treatment", but I'm sure it's just as great normally.)

They definitely look related here!

Sweet love.

Hahaha, I love it! Poor Jude. I'm sure Aiden will do the same thing next year!

We also finished decorating for Christmas today… this time of year is 10x more fun with Aiden around!