Emerson: Eleven Months

Monday, August 27, 2018

One more month of wrangling this wild child for her monthly photo! Eleven months, my Emers. Can't even believe it!

  • She's a nut. A NUT! We found her trying to climb over the baby gate on the stairs this month. Ay caramba.
  • She's officially walking! Took her first steps on July 20 and there has been no stopping her since.
  • She loves to go outside and just walk, walk, walk, walk, walk.
  • She does this funny head banging thing all the time. Not really sure what's she doing? But it's funny.
  • She loves to zerbert EVERYTHING. The floor, her arms, anyone else's body parts. 
  • She can blow kisses and clap.
  • She says "uh oh" and "dada", which is just adorable.
  • She thinks it's hilarious when you stick your tongue out at her, and she'll stick hers back out at you.
  • She is a daddy's girl! He gets all the good snuggles. And he loves it. 
  • She has a crazy temper. She lets out the same insane, high-pitched scream that sounds like she got her foot cut off, even if she's just mildly annoyed at something.
  • Sharing with sissy is going really well. No, it's not. 
  • I forgot how cute little baby squats are.
  • I think she's about to drop her morning nap! Mixed emotions: Yay for not being confined to one hour excursions. Boo for obvious reasons.
New videos this month!
Baker's Bakery

We love you, silly baby!!!

Emerson: Ten Months

Monday, July 23, 2018

Ten months! I remember this being one of my favorite ages with Aiden, and Emerson has not disappointed. Sweet baby, let me make it clear that you have NEVER disappointed us! You are pure joy.

Fun fact: This is the first picture in her whole life where I think she looks like Aiden.

  • I'm going to just go ahead and lead the remaining "monthly updates" with a friendly reminder that this child is never NOT moving!
  • She snorts when she laughs.
  • She loves the pool and really loves crawling around outside of the pool (convenient...).
  • She does this funny little downward dog pose.
  • Sometimes when I'm holding her, she'll throw her head back so I can tickle her neck.
  • She loves to dance, blow zerberts, push anything that moves (including pieces of paper) and pull dish towels off the oven.
  • She looks so cute when she sits on her knees while she's playing - like a little kid.
  • She makes all sorts of silly sounds.
  • She could spend all day playing with the Little Tikes car - either pushing it in circles or climbing in and out. And in and out. And in and out.
  • She loves to sit on this pony toy and just jump up and down.
  • She's taken one of two steps by accident. 
  • She's finally able to "play" with her sister! Their favorite game is to take all of the cushions off the couch and run/crawl back and forth.
  • She has 8 chompers.
  • Consistently sleeping through the night (all the praise hands!).
  • Girl has a temmmmper! She screams bloody murder if any minor detail doesn't go her way.
Fun videos from the month:
We love this girl! She gets more fun by the day!

Emerson: Newborn Pictures

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Do you ever look at old pictures of your kids and think "Wow, I didn't even know you back then!" That's how I feel scrolling through these newborn pictures nine months later. It's surreal looking at these pictures and realizing we had no idea who this little human was! Our love for this little one grows daily - the cliches are true.

Emerson: Nine Months

Emerson Charlotte Baker, YOU ARE A NUT. Oh, how we love this child!

  • Beating a dead horse here, but the child doesn't stop. 
  • I've caught her standing up by herself a couple times, but for the most part she still holds on to something and cruises her way all around the house.
  • She claps.
  • She's starting to wave and will say "hi!". 
  • She likes to try to copy the sounds we make. The cutest is her little "uh oh". She also likes to try to copy Adam when he blows air.
  • She's still obsessed with her big sister. The feeling is so mutual, and it's the greatest. Aiden calls her "Ems" - sister nicknames already!
  • She has five teeth, and the sixth is making it's way down.
  • She loves the pool! She'll hang in her little float for awhile, but really loves being held. She tries to put her face in the water, which I think she'll really dislike once she succeeds.
  • My parents gave us this old push walker they had for Aiden. She loooves it! Except when she runs into something and can't move anymore. Then she screams. Really loud.
  • When you're holding her and make a bottle she cranes her neck around to try to look at you with the biggest smile. Like "Are you doing what I think you're doing??" It's so stinking cute!
  • She loves food. And she eats it by grabbing an entire fist full and forcing it into her mouth. Which of course means that it all ends up in her lap and she's lucky if the smallest morsel actually makes it in.
  • She makes the funny, scrunched little face when she's upset. And she makes this "oooooh" noise.
  • She gets pretty snuggly at night after she's had her bottle. Neither of my babes have been snuggly, so I'm thankful for this stage and hoping it lasts!
  • Speaking of night - she's FINALLY SLEEEEEEEPINGGGG! For real, sleeping through the night. Well, she wakes up once a night every once in awhile, but I'll take that all day long. Down around 7:30p/8p and up around 7:30a. HOORAY.
  • She is starting to get a temper. If she doesn't get her way, she SCREAMS. Ruh roh.
  • She's clocking in at 18lbs 7 oz (56%) and 29" tall (93%). That noggin full of brain is 17.5 (69%).
Some fun videos from this month:

Basically, we're obsessed with her and I want to eat her face off on a daily basis. What a treat you are, Emers!!

Aiden: Two and a Half

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Oh, Aidy. You're TWO AND A HALF! (Actually, you're now closer to THREE.) I honestly didn't think I'd write a half year post this year, but man have you grown up since turning two. Every time I look at you, I'm just in awe. What a gift you are. Some of my favorite things I want to remember:
  • You are so independent and want to do everything yourself.
  • You are the BEST big sister. Truly, more than I could have ever imagined. You have more patience with Emerson than your dad and I combined, and no one makes her smile like you do. 
  • You love to help out in the kitchen. Daddy built you a little stool so you can help us cook and bake. Of course, you would much rather us butt out of your experiments. :)
  • Your imagination is starting to show and I teared up a little bit today watching you pretend with your baby doll (her name is "baby"). 
  • You love to be outside and love bugs! On our walks, you really enjoy picking up all of the dead worms you can find.
  • Your chubby baby cheeks are gone and you now look like a kid. (I'm fighting back tears.)
  • I tell your daddy all the time that I can't imagine you getting any older. You're two and a half and I (of course) think you just couldn't possibly be smarter. 
  • Your vocabulary has exploded the past few months, and you're really starting to put some sentences together. Just as we imagined, you are HILARIOUS. For example, you accidentally locked yourself in your room after your nap today. When I came to rescue you, you said "Mommy, it's tricky!"
  • Daddy took you to your first baseball game at Lassiter last week, and I'm pretty sure it was the best day of his life. You had no interest in the game, but loved everything else going on! (And you ate 1.5 cheeseburgers....my girl.)
  • You love chips and salsa (yesss!) and any type of dip.
  • You LOVE your family. Not just us, but your extended family, too. You're especially fond of your best friend/cousin, Jude.
  • You give the best kisses.
  • You have the best laugh. Hands down. The BEST laugh.
  • I love seeing your heart for Jesus already. You always remind us if we forget to pray before a meal (or a snack), and you're already teaching Emerson how to pray (you get frustrated that she can't fold her hands, yet). Papabear died a few months ago, and you always remind us that he's with Jesus in Heaven. Melt my heart. 
  • You love Disney Princesses, and LOVE to sing along and dance. Current favorites: Frozen (Anna and Elsa), Mulan, Moana and Cinderella.
  • You could listen to "Let it Go" all day long and it still wouldn't be enough for you.
  • You really just love to sing and dance, period. It's the cutest thing in the whole wide world. You learn lots of songs at school and I love trying to piece together what they are.
  • You are potty trained! (ish) It only took you a couple days to catch on (most frustrating days of parenting, to date), and you're doing a great job. 
  • You love to tickle! It's adorable, except that I hate being tickled.
  • Lately, a red lion named Kelsey has been sleeping in your bed. But don't worry, she protects you... and sometimes pees the bed (apparently).
  • Some of my favorite little Aidy phrases...
    • "Mom, come onnnn." I had to fight back laughter the first time you said this, because it was with a 'tude.
    • "Toast ready!" When the toast pops up for breakfast in the morning.
    • Your macarena months of the year song.
    • "I tooted!"
    • "You got it girl"
Everyday you teach us something new. I'm glad you don't notice yet, because I would probably creep you out how much I just stare at you. You are unbelievable. You are going to be a FORCE and I pray you use it for God's glory, little one. I've said this since the day you were born, but my gosh - it is my greatest honor to be your mother.

Fun video clips:
Let it go!
Tickling Sissy
Tooty Fruity
First Pony Ride
Hi Ho! 
More worms...

Emerson: Eight Months

Eight months! Phew, time is flying. We love this little human and finally like her, too! (Seriously, months 4-6 were pretty touch and go with her lack of sleep.)

  • She never did go back to nursing after that nursing strike. I tried a few times to coax her back, but then decided NOPE. I don't think it was a coincidence that she's been a better sleeper and all around happier baby now that she's not nursing anymore. I really think she was just never satisfied with my breast milk. Isn't it funny how mom guilt works? First, I'm guilty that I had to stop nursing and feed her spray paint formula (Have you ever read the ingredients to formula? What am I feeding my child??). Then I'm guilty that I didn't switch her to formula sooner since she was clearly so miserable. Sigh. 
  • I was pumping twice a day for a few weeks, but was only getting about 4oz/day. Not even enough for a whole bottle! I decided to officially cut the cord on breast milk and we're all better for it. (Does ANYONE enjoy pumping?)
  • She's a pretty good eater! There are a few things she doesn't love, but for the most part she's easy. We're still keeping her on the basics - fruits and veggies. But I guess it's time to let her start trying real food.
  • I refused to let Aiden use pouches, because it creeps me out that I can't see inside and she could potentially be slurping down mold. (I'm pretty chill about most things, but for some reason that really creeped me out.) Aldi has see-through pouches, so I bought a few for Emmie. SCORE. She loves them and they're so dang easy.
  • She hates wearing a bib, so we go through a lot of Shout.
  • I learned how to steam sweet potatoes, so I successfully made my own baby food and felt like the best mom, EVER! Easiest win of all time. Wish I had Googled it sooner.
  • She has somewhere to go and she is quickly on her way. I know I've mentioned it a few times, but really - she doesn't stop. Ever. 
  • She always wants to be standing up (we're all just human jungle gyms to her) and cruising around the furniture. She recently found the stairs, so we had to put a gate up.
  • It's her life goal to pull up on her walker and stand on it. It makes her about 3 inches taller, but I'm pretty sure she feels like the tallest person in the universe. She's always so thrilled with herself.
  • She said "mama" on Mother's Day (all the heart eyes). It was a really cute moment. Adam and I were with her in the playroom while Aiden napped, and she was giving me a "hug" and said it. 
  • Her top two teeth are starting to pop through.
  • She loves to stick her tongue out and has started giving open mouth kisses.
  • She is still getting up twice a night, but it's basically heaven compared to her total meltdowns in the earlier months.
  • Her big sister continues to ADORE her and asks for her first thing every morning (and basically all day). I am so grateful for these sisters and pray they are best friends!
Crazy baby, you're the best! So thankful that you're ours.

Videos: Dancing bug
No chill

Emerson: Seven Months

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Well, this was a FUN month! Emerson is certainly keeping us on our toes, but finally in the best ways! No longer because she's fussy and screaming through the night, but more so because the girl does.not.stop.

  • She kicked off month seven by continuing to be a terrrrrible sleeper at night. I called the nurse hotline at our pediatrician more times than I'd like to admit, because she would wake up screaming at all hours of the night. They thought it was teething, but then one day - out of the blue - she went back to getting up every 3-4 hours to eat. No rhyme or reason and no more teeth. Even the doctor was confused. It's God, I tell ya. Many, many desperate prayers later, He answered.
  • She decided to go on a nursing strike. She's done this before (where she just refuses to nurse), but it's now been a couple weeks and she still has zero interest. At first I felt really guilty (mom guilt, leave me alone), but she has been sleeping so much better (only up once or twice a night!) and honestly seems much happier. I'm still pumping three times/day, but I'm not going to push the nursing thing since she clearly doesn't mind! (I'm also trying not to be sad about it. Can't believe our nursing days are already over. Sigh.)
  • She lost the Zippadeezip and is sleeping in just her jammies, like a big girl.
  • She's not a huge fan of her paci, but does use them as her lovey. She likes to have a handful of them in the crib with her when she sleeps.
  • She said "dada" on March 24. Aiden never babbled, so having this chatty little baby is pretty adorable! She hasn't said "mama", but think it's hilarious when I do.
  • As I mentioned, SHE DOESN'T STOP. Adam and I are a little nervous about how crazy this child is going to be. We had to lower her crib on April 2, because I walked in to find her sitting up in there one day and standing up the next!
  • She loves to pull up on everything (especially humans) and quickly figured out how to army crawl. On April 9 she was officially off on all fours. We have a crawler! 
  • Man, she's fast. And just like her big sister, she immediately makes a bee line for the dog bowls!
She's the cutest little nut I know, and I'm so proud that she's mine. We love you, Emers!

Emerson: Five and Six Months

Monday, March 19, 2018


Five months with this sweet pea! She's finally becoming a little person and man, is she cute.

  • We moved her to her crib on January 18, which was neat. She tried to kill us from lack of sleep this month. Literally, KILL US. We tried her in her swaddle, but she rolled over and gave us a heart attack. We tried the Merlin suit, but she rolled over in that, too. We tried using nothing, she screamed. We tried letting her cry it out, she screamed herself hoarse. LOTS OF SCREAMING. Man, it was rough. We finally settled on the Zipadeezip and although it didn't work in the beginning, it's what's working now! 
  • After weeks of no sleep and literally almost LOSING it, she finally popped her first tooth on Valentine's Day! I cried, because I felt like "this must be why she wasn't sleeping!" I was RIGHT! Starting that night, she has done much better. Still up every 3 hours to eat and has some screaming fits, but overall totally manageable. And the best part, she's a much happier camper. 
  • We typically put her down around 7pm and she's up around 9pm, 1am and 5am - then up around 6:30am. We tried to put her on a "schedule-ish". She goes down for a nap around 10am, again a couple hours after she wakes up from that one and a little cat nap a couple hours after she wakes up from that one. It's meh at best. 
  • Her second tooth popped through about a week after the first. Now she's got her two bottom toofers!
  • She is trying to get SOMEWHERE. She's a roly poly and trying to push herself up to crawl.
  • Started sitting up unassisted right after Valentine's Day. 
  • Loves the forward facing Baby Bjorn, but is not a fan of facing inward. (Can you blame her for not wanting to stare at my chest?)
  • She has this adorable scrunchy smile and also this funny laugh/cry. A lot of times we don't know if she's laughing or crying! (But obviously we figure it out pretty quickly...)

Half a year! How are we here?

  • She's just not a good sleeper at night. I'm leaving it at that. We thought she was teething again and that's why she was doing so poorly - but so far no more teeth. She will put herself to sleep or naps and initially at night, but she's just up ALL. THE. TIME at night. Man, it's tough.
  • She does pretty well with naps, though! They're not predictable - sometimes it's 30 minutes in the morning and two hours in the afternoon, sometimes it's vice versa, sometimes it's an hour three times a day. We never know, but we'll take it. 
  • She does this goose honk when she's tired, which Aiden also used to do!
  • As if her lack of night time sleep patterns aren't irritating enough, now she refuses to nurse in the night sometimes. YAY. I kind of think she's just over me, but I refuse to stop nursing.
  • Speaking of which, we did start supplementing with one bottle of formula a day a couple weeks ago (and sometimes at night when she's hungry but won't nurse).
  • We also started her on food on March 4, because she just seemed ready. She was! She loves everything about eating (sitting in her highchair, the spoon, the EXCITEMENT) - except sometimes not the actual food. We started with avocado, and that was a meh. So far she loves green beans, sweet potatoes and Mum Mums.
  • As much as I complain about her sleeping, for the most part she's actually a very happy baby!! 
  • She loves to pretend to walk while Daddy is holding her up.
  • She is trying so hard to crawl and can scoot her little booty all over the place.
  • She gives the best little hugs and has given a few open mouth kisses. Sometimes when I come home after not seeing her for awhile she flips out and tries to eat my face - it's pretty cute.
  • She started pulling up on March 15. I remember because she pulled up on my suitcase while I was packing for her first big trip.
  • Which leads us to... her first airplane ride! We headed out to Fort Worth to celebrate Mamabear and Papabear's memorial and took Emerson with us. She did pretty well on the flights. We LOVED having the one-on-one time with her! It sounds terrible, but it was so fun to really get to know her for a few days - without Aiden taking up some of our attention. 
  • She is still obsessed with Aiden, and the feeling is so mutual! While we were gone, we would FaceTime Aiden and she would always instantly ask for Emmie. Rude.
  • Thanks to the recommendation from Kalyn, she loves The Happy Song
  • Coming in hot at 15lbs 15.5oz (45%) and 27" tall (86%). Noggin holding strong at 17.25" (87%).
Video highlights from this month:
Oh, Emers. You are a joy and we love learning more and more about you!