Saturday, November 28, 2015

We have so much to be thankful for. It's crazy that last Thanksgiving our sweet love wasn't even a thought, and this year… here she is!

Uncle Mitch came in town for the holiday. It's the first time he's seen Aiden since she was three days old… quite a difference! We went to dinner with his girlfriend's family on Monday night, and they were great!

All decked out for Aunt Kelsey's birthday!

We celebrated at Tea Leaves and Thyme which was adorable and delicious.

Gigi came in town!

We were so sad that we couldn't spend Kelsey's birthday with the Causeys, because Jude was working through his first stomach bug. Poor little guy! Luckily, Aiden had lots of smiles for Aunt Kelsey to cheer her up.

It was so beautiful out on Thanksgiving, so we went for a little family walk to kick off the day. (It was also Ruthie's 5th birthday! But our poor pups are so neglected these days, we didn't even celebrate. Oops.)

I contributed Roasted Garlic Asparagus with Feta to this year's Thanksgiving feast. It was delicious, but I think the first batch I made the weekend before was better.

I am thankful for our new family of three this year.

Evening chats with Gigi and Aunt Kelsey. Sadly the Causeys couldn't make it to Thanksgiving either, because Jude got sick again and Nathan also caught the bug. We were so sad and missed them so much!


On Friday, we headed out to get our Christmas Tree… even though it was about 75 degrees. Of course, this also called for a photo op with the cutest babe of all.

Play time with Aunt Meagan!

Gigi and her Atlanta Greats

She is so close to rolling over! Technically, she did roll over once tonight (Nov 28), but we're not really counting it.

She still sleeps in the bed with us (which I love), but we really need to get her on more of a schedule… and unfortunately Adam and I can't go to sleep at 8pm every night. Nonna bought her this Merlin Sleep Suit as an early Christmas present, and she looks absolutely ridiculous in it! Kind of like the kid from A Christmas Story. However, it seems to be working. It's supposed to help keep her from waking herself up by muffling any startles while she's sleeping, and keeping her secure without being swaddled (which she's never liked). Night one, we got her to sleep right away and she stayed asleep in her crib for the first time! But she woke up about 5 minutes later when her paci fell out. Night two, she once again stayed asleep in her crib and stayed asleep for a solid 20 minutes before she woke up. Progress!

That's a strange way to end this post, so let's end it with this cute picture of my two favorites. Thankful is an understatement.

Aiden: Three Months

Wow, my baby girl is a whole "trimester" old! She gets more beautiful and fun every day and is (typically) such a happy baby!

I can't even handle her! Seriously, the cutest.

Here's what's going on this month….

  • She laughed for the first time on November 1… for Papabear!
  • She made it through her first holiday - Halloween!
  • She finally met Aunt Katie and Uncle Jefe, and the love was mutual.
  • She has a newfound love for the fan. In the mornings, she'll wake up on her own and just smile and chat at the fan.
  • When she's working on a really big, adorable coo - she'll make this adorable face like she's a howling dog. 
  • She found her hands! It's mesmerizing to watch her figure them out. My favorite is when she's concentrating really hard to get her fist in her mouth, and then she misses and hits herself in the face.
  • She's going through this fun phase where she's doing full ballet recitals in her sleep. She'll kick and punch and grunt, all while she's asleep. And lately, she's decided it's fun to tickle my armpits.   Yes, literally tickle my armpits. Needless to say, I'm not getting the best sleep.
  • She still eats about every 3 hours and wakes up every 3 hours to eat, too.
  • She has become quite the drool monster.
  • Her new best friend is her Wubbanub, Fred the Frog.
  • Every once in awhile she'll fall asleep on her own, usually on her Boppy. I have to admit that I love that she usually still needs to cuddle with me (or someone) to fall asleep.
  • She still has a love/hate relationship with the car, but we started putting a sound machine next to her car seat and it's been a total game changer! 
  • I don't want to forget how cute she looks when you wake her up or she's done eating and you pick her up. She gets all scrunched up and then stretches.
  • I also love when I hold her after she's been upset. She lets out this exasperated last whimper and then holds on to me so tight.
Here are some cute videos of her this month!

The love is real, people. I would do anything for this child.

Baby Fun

Monday, November 16, 2015

It's hard to get around to posting on this blog now that my days are consumed with my little love, but thanks to Aunt Kelsey I've been able to knock out a few posts today!

Speaking of Aunt Kelsey, she comes over every Monday to love on Aiden - and Aiden loves her! We love having you come play, Aunt Kelsey! (It's basically the only time I get around to cleaning.)

Look at how much these two love each other.

At the doctor for her two month appointment for shots. Saddest day, ever. It looks like she knew something was up, too.

Girls day out! How cute is she in that hoodie and those boots?

Cheering on the Cowboys for Papa!

Such a little lady.

Papabear and Aiden! She actually laughed for the first time for Papabear on November 1, such a special moment!

Aunt Katie and Uncle Jefe finally made it in town to meet Aiden! It was instant love.

She's still the cutest/snuggliest sleeper, ever.

She loved her first parade on Veteran's Day! It wore her out - she was asleep before I even buckled her back into her stroller.

Couch afternoons with my love!

The face of a baby who just had the most epic blowout. Poop everywhere. On her, on me, on the dresser, in her armpits. It was impressive.

We love her gummy smiles! She is such a happy baby and has become quite talkative in the last couple weeks.

Her new BFF, Fred! She loves this paci, and will cuddle with him when she's really tired. Too cute.

Cuddles with Nonna.

This morning she decided to wake up and be a grown up. Look at her dominating tummy time!

Let's end this post with a (shocking!) picture of someone other than Aiden! The other love of my life, JUDE!


I met Kalyn at LAX airport waiting for my (very delayed) flight to New Zealand. We were both traveling with the same study abroad group and became instant BFFs! I love that we have so many amazing memories together in New Zealand… and the US of A. Her amazing boyfriend, Corey, proposed to her last September in (drum roll, please) NEW ZEALAND! Shortly after, she asked me to be a bridesmaid (hooray!) and when we found out Aiden was a girl, she insisted she be the Flower Baby! Funny Fact: Kalyn needed to get the programs to the printer before Aiden was born and begged me for her name! Luckily, she arrived the next week so I didn't have to spill the beans.

Anywho, the wedding was on November 6 in sunny California! I actually wasn't too nervous about traveling with Aiden - my mom was with me on the flight out there and really what's the worst that could happen? She could scream the whole (5 hour) flight. Of course, since I gave birth to the best baby ever, she did amazing! I just fed her, let her sleep, and played with her in the lavatory for a while (sounds gross, but it wasn't). The people behind us even asked if we drugged her! (Yes, that's exactly what we did, ya psychos.)

Just chilling before our flight! We got to the airport pretty early, because we didn't know what to expect. Curbside Check-In at Delta was a breeze!

Party in the lavatory! She loved being able to stretch out for a little bit.


We purposefully got a window seat… and then we show up and we are the lucky ones who get the window seat without an actual WINDOW. Talk about being claustrophobic!

Once we arrived in LA, we had to rent a car and drive to Palm Springs. We hit the infamous LA traffic, but Aiden was a trooper (for the most part). She did scream the last 40 miles… and I felt so bad!

Adam had to work, so he took a later flight on Wednesday and then drove down with my dad (who was already in town for work).

Thursday morning we got up and had breakfast in the hotel (breakfast in PJs!!), and then Kalyn came by to see us/meet her new BFF!

We had most of the day to ourselves, so we took Aiden on a walk and ended up at a delicious mexican restaurant, Las Casuelas. They had amazing salsa!

The dad who does it all!

Soaking up the beautiful weather!

We headed over to Desert Ridge Estate around 3p for the rehearsal. How incredibly GORGEOUS is this place?! Pictures don't do it justice.

Rehearsing for the big day!

Rehearsal dinner time with our bride!

Corey and Aiden!

Aiden's first place card! Should this go in her baby book?

Getting ready on Friday with the other Bridesmaids! I've been out to visit Kalyn a couple times, so luckily I knew just about everyone else in the bridal party - so I wasn't the weirdo from the East Coast.

How cool in my hair?! Bravo, hair lady.

The bride just hanging out with her flower baby! The whole day was so relaxed, I kept forgetting we were even at a wedding! Kalyn was so calm and the most in love bride I've ever seen! It was fun to watch.

Ready to go!

So are we!

Bridal party pics!

Showtime! (Adam was so good at taking pictures.)

The bride and her mama, making their way to the aisle.

LOVE these programs! They were filled with confetti to throw when they were officially MARRIED!

Wahoo!!! Mr. & Mrs. Shepardson!

We're kind of cute, if I may say so myself.

My roommate from New Zealand scheduled his "American Holiday" around Kalyn's wedding! SO fun to see him after 8 long years! 

Annnnd that's basically the last picture I took of the wedding - whoops. I can't wait to see the photographer's pictures!

Saturday they hosted a Pool Party back at the venue. Jeff and Katie are only a 4 hour drive away, so they joined in on the fun!

Baby's first bikini! Can't even handle the cuteness!

How hilarious are these big heads?

Wahhhh, weekend is over. :( Miss her and everyone so much already!

Oh, at the airport coming home on Sunday these Asians kept taking pictures of Aiden. I get she's cute, but back off people.

Adam was a TROOPER. Aiden got fussy shortly after takeoff, and Adam calmed her down and held her like this for 3.5 HOURS. I don't know how his arm didn't fall off.

We had such a wonderful time in California and miss Kalyn, Corey and all their fun friends and family so much!! She wants to have babies very soon, so hopefully Aiden and I can make another trip back next year to meet their potential new addition!