Emerson: Two and Three Months

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Lookie there, I only made it one month doing these in a timely manner! Emerson is the sweetest little soul and we can't imagine life without her!

TWO MONTHS - November 18

  • She is so chill and I am so grateful. I remember not really being able to put Aiden down and thankfully Emmie is not that way (although I do love getting in those snuggles when I can).
  • Bright-eyed, just like her sister!
  • Loves to look at the fan.
  • Smiley as can be
  • Loves to stretch and grow - especially first thing in the morning when we unwrap her from her swaddle.
  • Speaking of... mornings are the best! She's so smiley and content.
  • Loves to look/be outside
  • Starting to chat with us
  • Teased us by sleeping through the night, but hasn't done it again since. She'll have some nights when she's up every 3 hours and some nights when she only wakes up once. Sigh.
  • She found her hands
  • Her hair is growing in... blonde!
  • Aiden says "honey relaxxxxx" if she's crying the car. Hilarious.
  • Aiden loves to give her (and steal her) pacis. (Or as Aiden says, "faffi")
  • She was a little fairy for her first Halloween, and oh so precious.
She's still coming in strong at 24.2" (96%) and 12 lbs 8.5 oz (72%). That big ole noggin is 16" (96%).

THREE MONTHS - December 18

  • The girl loves to smile and she smiles soooo big I think her jaw is going to pop off!
  • Still not sleeping through the night. She usually gets up once or twice, so not too terrible. BUT I KNOW SHE COULD DO IT IF SHE REALLY TRIED.
  • Meagan and Nathan let us borrow their Rock N Play for her to sleep in and she really loves it (except, see above). Plus it's not as clunky as the pack n play.
  • One night at dinner, Adam was holding her and she started laughing in her sleep. I almost died from the cuteness! The next day (11/29), she laughed while she was awake. Oh, baby giggles. The cutest.
  • She loves bath time and recently found her feet, which is adorable. Ugh babies, they're just so cute!
She is still such a chill, bright-eyed little baby. We love her so!!

Fall Fun

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Some highlights from Fall 2017. Enjoy!
(Also, it's taken me THIS long to realize I've been putting the captions above the pictures. That doesn't make much sense. Starting now, they'll go below. Cool update, huh?)

Celebrating Papabear's 94th birthday

Sleepy smiles before the real ones made their debut.

These three jokesters!

Fun at the Atlanta Botanical Garden with Nonna

Sweetest sister girls.

Emmie's first smile caught on camera. Can you even handle it?!

Fun at Big Springs Farm!

Hayride with Daddy

Toddlers. Sigh.

Farm Day at school! (Farmer or Tupac? Your guess.)

Aiden loves to "make", so I try to carve out time and a new recipe every once in awhile. This time, we made Coconut Banana Bread. It was delicious, except that I didn't cook it long enough. Oops.