Baby #2 Updates

Monday, June 19, 2017

In typical second child fashion, I haven't been keeping track of hardly anything! Sorry, baby!

15 Weeks and Feeling Great! (March 28)
I would say my nausea completely stopped last week, but I had continually been feeling better since about week 11 or 12. Much better than with Aiden! I still have random rough moments (and still get carsick), but overall I'm feeling awesome! So awesome that I often forget I'm pregnant. I almost poured myself a glass of wine at my mom's house the other day!

By the way, they're right - that second one pops a lot faster! My pants haven't fit for a few weeks now.

Maggie got me this amazing pregnancy journal/devotional, Waiting in Wonder. It's a great way to get my morning's started - I really love it!

I'm starting to feel the little one flutter every now and then, which is exciting!

18 Weeks - The News is Out! (April 18)
Chris "Ludacris" Bridges was the Honorary Chair at this year's Taste of the Nation, so I took it upon myself to thoroughly creep him out so he could be part of our official announcement. Seriously, how cool is this?!

19 Weeks - Cruisin' (April 25)
Headed out on our long-awaited week long family cruise on April 22. I hung out on the boat the whole time (thanks a lot, Zika), but it was a great trip!!

Baby is really moving and grooving in there - I've felt the little pipsqueak a few times from outside my belly, and Adam thinks he has, too! Makes it seem so much more real.

20 Weeks - Don't Assume My Gender! (May 2)
Holy cow, halfway already! We went in for our anatomy scan on Thursday, May 4 and successfully didn't find out if our little babe is a boy or girl! It was a fun experience! The ultrasound tech told us to look away when she "went between the legs" and after I asked if she knew what we were having and she said, "I do!" Kind of weird that someone knows and not us. And most importantly, baby looks great and is measuring right on time! (Actually, his/her head is measuring like 2 days behind the rest of its body, so maybe that means this ones noggin won't be in the 98th percentile and easier to push out - cough AIDEN cough. The midwife thought that was a funny way to look at it.)

Sucking his/her little hand!

21 Weeks - Moving and Grooving (May 9)
Adam for real felt the little one move the night before Mother's Day (May 13)! Even though my placenta is in front again, I definitely started feeling this little one sooner and much more frequently. Celebrated my last (and second) Mother's Day with only one babe earth side!

24 Weeks - Feeling Huge (May 30)
How in the world am I supposed to fit 16 more weeks in this belly? Already feeling huge, but making it a priority to walk 20-30 minutes a day (read: making it a priority does not equal success). I also started doing these 10 minute prenatal yoga videos very night and I LOVE it. I feel very relaxed afterwards.

Fedora the Explorer

Monday, May 8, 2017

To celebrate my parents' 30th wedding anniversary and my mom's 60th birthday, my mom and dad took the whole family on a cruise! We headed out on the Norwegian Escape on Saturday, April 22 for a week! It was such a blast to have the whole family together for an entire week, even if it did sometimes feel like we were on two separate trips (read: vacation with a toddler is not a vacation).

Arrived in Miami and dad was ready to party! (Check out his fedora!)

Headed to the ship Saturday morning - the gang's all here!

Off we go!

Aiden is hilarious. She loved the kids water park, and when she saw a little boy stand underneath the big bucket that drops water she immediately ran over and sat down patiently waiting for her turn. (However, I snapped this cute pic and ran over to snatch her up. I don't think she would have actually enjoyed being swept away in that water.)

Best part of mom drinking mocktails? AG got them, too!

Name a better feeling than a baby sleeping on your chest. I'll wait.

We loved having a balcony!

Mini golf! (Cruises certainly aren't like the Titanic anymore.)

How many people does it take to reserve show tickets?

Buffet! (Our second home. Sigh.)

Pulling into St. Thomas!

Someone got used to naps in mommy and daddy's bed!

I stayed on the ship at all three ports (thanks, Zika), and Aiden and Adam hung back with me in St. Thomas. I'm telling you, that's the secret! The boat was EMPTY. It was amazing. Aiden was brave enough to go down the water slide with daddy (and mommy!).

Best attempt at a photo with our towel animal (what animal is that?).

Good morning, Tortola! Adam and Aiden headed to a beach with Jeff, Katie and Mitch while I hung back nursing a cold (boo).

Breakfast in our jammies!

The joys of a private balcony. :)

Family dance party! I got some cute videos, too.

"Hi, Bahamas!"

Cookies by the pool! Is there anything better? (Actually, yes. Endless soft serve by the pool.)

And the last fedora picture of the trip. What a great time we had! Thanks, mom and dad!!

And because what is a cruise without professional cruise photography? I give you gold...

Baby #2

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Blogged in January and February

I'm pregnant! Still can't believe it. Holy cow. While this baby wasn't as shocking as Aiden, it was still a funny surprise. God works in amazing, perfect ways and we are thrilled!

I just knew I was pregnant, so decided to take a test five days before my missed period (I sound like a pregnancy test commercial!). As if that wasn't a bizarre enough idea, I also decided to take the test on Friday morning (January 6)... Adam had left Thursday night for Arizona and didn't get home until Monday night. Which means Aiden and I had to hang on to this secret all weekend long! Anywho, I took the test and went about my business, then I poked my head in the bathroom and saw it was positive. I didn't even go look up close, I just laughed and shook my head, then went to go get Aiden from her room and told her she was going to be a big sister! (THAT is what's making my head explode. I cannot believe my baby girl is going to be a big sister!)

I decided to get Aiden a Big Sister shirt to surprise Adam with the news when he (finallllllly) got home. I even put a sweatshirt over it, just in case his family decided to come in when they dropped him off from the airport. I had him take off her sweatshirt and he did not notice. He spent a solid ten minutes just playing with Aiden (they were having the best time!) while I finished dinner. Finally, they came in the kitchen and I said, "Aiden, do you think daddy is ever going to read your shirt?" He saw it and lost his mind. I wish I could bottle up Adam's reaction when I tell him I'm pregnant. Both times it has been absolute, pure joy. It was so exciting to see him get excited and definitely made it feel more real!

Overall, I feel great! Just crampy and tired. Morning sickness kicked in right at week six last time, so I'm praying for a much smoother first trimester this time around. I want to be able to soak in every last moment with Aiden as an only child. (I'm really kind of having a hard time with this. I can't believe she will never remember how it was just her and how she completely changed our lives. Motherhood. Sigh.)

Morning All day sickness reared its ugly head at week six (same with Aiden). I decided to not go the Diclegis route this time and try some more natural options. Unfortunately, nothing really works (and it's real tough being sick, working, moving and taking care of a toddler), but I have definitely found some things that help! Eating crackers before I get out of bed, eating protein first thing in the morning and Sea Bands! Seriously, the Sea Bands have been so great.

We had our first appointment at 8 weeks and our little nugget looked perfect! Heart rate was 177 BPM (at 7 weeks, Aiden's was 139 BPM). When we went in with Aiden, I thought I was 8 weeks 1 day, but I actually measured 7 weeks so they pushed my due date back a week. This time, I went in at 8 weeks and I measured 8 weeks 6 days, but they wouldn't change my due date. Boo. Maybe that means this babe will actually be on time?? Due date is September 19 - the day before Jude's 3rd birthday!

This pregnancy already seems to have already gone by so much faster than the first pregnancy. I can't imagine why? It's not like there's anything else fighting for my attention. :) Oh, and we're not going to find out if it's a boy or a girl! Eeeeek!

Aiden: 18 Months

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Holy cow, we have a legit toddler. Aiden Grace is 18 months old... one and a half! (Well, technically now she's 19 months, because #life.) There is hardly a hint of baby left, she is officially a little girl. I don't even know how to do an update since the last one on her first birthday, she is so different - but also the exact same. That makes sense.

First haircut!

Getting her passport picture taken for the big cruise in April!

Coolest girl at the ballfield

  • She's a running, dancing, stomping, clapping mess. If she's awake, she's moving. The girl does not stop. 
  • The good news is she wears herself out and is a great sleeper. She takes about a 1.5-2 hour nap in the afternoon and sleeps from about 7:30/8pm - 8/8:30am at night.
  • She's a chatter box! It's been fun to hear her really start trying to figure out words. She's got a handful down, although almost none in actual English. :) Mama, Dada, Papa, Nonna, thank you, please, cracker, all done, more
  • Animal sounds are a favorite past time! She can do a monkey, elephant, cat, duck, sheep and goat. She loves trying to do a rooster (cock a doodle doo!) and it's about the cutest thing ever to hear her try.
  • She loves music and dancing. Her favorite jams are her Bible CD from Grandma, her Aiden CD from Nonna, the Itsy Bitsy Spider, the Wheels on the Bus and Jesus Loves Me. She's also obsessed with Alexa, which we ended up having to hide from her. 
  • She loves Sesame Street, Thomas & Friends and sometimes Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.
  • She got her first haircut! She looks like such a lady, and also still has a weird mullet going on. She did so well, considering she's a toddler. 
  • She knows exactly what she does (and doesn't) want, and has quite the forceful "no" head shake.
  • She is strong-willed, to say the least! She loves to test (and break through) boundaries, which is both exhausting (temper tantrums, yay) and so interesting to watch.
  • Disciplining an 18-month-old is.... tough. The whole "redirection" thing is exhausting when it's what you're doing all day long.
  • Dog food is her snack of choice. So is crushed ice in a bowl. Being a typical toddler, some days she's a great eater and some days a granola bar is a success.
  • She loves to play with zippers and climb up and down stairs.
  • Jude is still her bestest friend and they are so fun to watch! She's also a big fan of Ruthie and Hank, and constantly tries to sit in Ruthie's 'lap'. They're good sports!
  • She thinks she can jump, but she can't. And it's HILARIOUS. I laugh so hard every time. (There's an attempt at a video below.)
  • At her 18 month check up, she clocked in at 24.5 lbs (75%) and 34.25" tall (98% - which the doctor said must have been a mis-measurement, so who knows how tall she is??). Her head is still holding strong at 19" (93%). Praying my next baby's head is a smidge smaller, at least coming out!
She's still the happiest kid, ever. She's curious and sweet and hilarious and loving. She's just the best.

Some fun videos of the past few months:
Bath giggles
Man down on the ice
Can I still be a baby?
Trying to jump
Her little voice! I hope I always remember it.

We'll finish this one off with a picture of her at her 18 month doctor's appointment - just enjoying a quick snack! #thatbelly