Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WE DID IT!!!! Matelyn and I finished our first half marathon on Sunday! Our final time was 2:26:22 (11:10 pace). Not too shabby, if I may say so myself. The course was ridiculously hilly (contrary to what the website stated...), and we both started struggling around mile 8, but we only walked for a total of maybe 3 minutes. And stopped twice to stretch. I think that's pretty impressive. Of course, the winner ran it in 1:31:29, but who cares?

We definitely couldn't have done it without the best cheering team - Adam, Debbie Dave, Ruthie, Maddux and Avery!! THANK YOU!!!

And so it begins... (and yes we matched)

Just about half way!

About to cross the finish line! 

Wooo! We did it!!

Since the race was at Lake Lanier, my bosses let us use their fabulous lake house - Lake Ranch Lodge.

Our view for the weekend.

Ruthie was in puppy heaven (annnd so were we).

On Sunday night, our friends Dallas and Chad were able to come over and grill out with us. We hadn't seen them since they got engaged(!), so it was very fun to hang out.

It was a super fun weekend, and I still can't believe that we actually DID IT!!! Cheers to us! And thank you to everyone who prayed for us and wished us luck! Couldn't have done it without you!

Happy Opening Weekend, Braves!

Monday, April 16, 2012

It's finally my favorite part of the year - Braves season! Adam and I weren't able to attend the Home Opener on Friday, since we were at the Hoochie, but we did go to Saturday's game. It was also Dominica's birthday, so it was a double celebration! In the morning, I had my last long run before the half marathon and Adam went to baseball. Then we all headed over to the Ted to tailgate before the game. The weather was (once again!) perfect, and the Braves won - so it was just a perfect day! We seriously have the most fun friends, and always have the best time together.

Rather than talk you through the afternoon - I'll just dump a bunch of pictures on you...

Dominica blowing out a lighter for her birthday!

Happy Birthday!

We gave away Dominica's birthday cupcakes on the way to the stadium...

We're looking forward to a summer full of nights like this! Go Bravos!

The 18th Annual Hoochie

"For almost two decades, The Hoochie has been one of Atlanta’s most anticipated events and has raised more than $3 million for conservation in Georgia. This casual gala features live music, a birds of prey flight show, sustainable cuisine and an exclusive silent auction."

I have had the opportunity to work with The Nature Conservancy in Georgia on their annual  Earth Day fundraiser (The Hoochie) for the past two years, and it's definitely my favorite project. We put together their marketing collateral for the event, and in exchange for our work we get to attend the event!

Last year, the event happened to fall on the same day a monsoon hit Atlanta. The weather was insane, but we stuck it out (under the tented area) and had a great time. This time Mother Nature was on our team - the weather was perfect!

Here are a few pictures from Friday night's event.

Sarah, Kelly and I at the Patron Party

Miniature ponies!

Members from Georgia Southern University's Wildlife Education Program brought some of their friends:  a bald eagle, an owl, an indigo snake...and this guy.

Some of the gorgeous decor at the event.

We lucked out - Adam didn't have a baseball game, so he was able to attend!

The Hoochie is such a fun event, and all proceeds go to environmental conservation here in the state of Georgia. Be sure to check it out next year!

With Love from Peter Cottontail

Monday, April 9, 2012

We had another fun-filled weekend in the Baker household! One day I'm going to actually post things that happen during the week and not just the weekend, but right now nothing really happens during the week...

Have I mentioned how insanely amazing the weather has been lately? Well, it's amazing. Saturday I woke up and ran 9 miles (less than 2 weeks until the half marathon)! My big brother, Jeff, was in Augusta with work so my parents and I met him half way in Madison for lunch. Adam would have joined us, but we're in the middle of baseball season so he had a game. If you ever have a spare afternoon, I highly recommend making the hour drive over - it's the most adorable little town. Apparently it's the #1 small town in America, but I'm sure they all say that.

We ate lunch at Amici's and then went exploring. The Captain on Jeff's flight also tagged along. Poor guy probably wasn't expecting to spend the afternoon with our crazy family. 

Jeff and I in front of the Monroe County Courthouse.

Casual Karen.

Madison is home to Georgia's oldest tree. It's a beast.

After our exciting afternoon in Madison, we headed back. And Adam and I spent the rest of the evening grilling out with some of our good friends.

Yesterday was EASTER! Adam and I attended a wonderful church service at Due West UMC, but due to our lack of timing skills we had to leave early to get to his parents' house. AND of course we were still 35 minutes late. I was beyond mortified.

I didn't take any pictures on Easter, except for this one. Adam and Dave brought the living room TV onto the covered porch, and we watched the Braves game out there. It was magnificently relaxing.

Then we headed over to my parents' to celebrate Easter with them. Busy and exhausting day, but it's always fun to spend time with the fam!

Here's something exciting that happened during the week: Today is Adam's first day teaching by himself! He's been observing/semi-teaching while the teacher was still there, but today was the first day he had the class to himself. So exciting!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing Easter weekend!

Color Run!

Monday, April 2, 2012

This past weekend was THE COLOR RUN! aka "The Happiest 5K on the Planet"

Basically, it's a 5K run and at every K they cover you in a different color. I honestly don't know how to explain it, so just watch this video and you'll get the point (and be jealous that you didn't do it!).

We showed up bright and early all squeaky clean wearing our white clothes (as they suggest), and met up with the rest of our group at Piedmont Park

Don't we all look so lovely without makeup?

There were seriously so many people. We were pretty close to the front (Wave 4), and the last group hadn't even gone when we finished! Seriously, so crazy. I've been trying to find an official count, but I can't find it anywhere. As you can imagine, it wasn't a serious 5K (they didn't even time you!). Actually, the majority of people walked, and there were so many adorable little kids just jumping around in the color and squealing.

At the finish line, it's just a big crazy color party! It got a lot bigger than this, but since we were some of the first to finish, the crowd wasn't too big.

I obviously didn't bring my camera or phone because they would have been destroyed, but here we are after walking back to Kelly and Jason's - THANK YOU for letting us park/use the bathroom/take pictures!

Of course I wore wings.

Dominica's leopard hair! (Don't worry, everything washed off in the shower. Well, almost everything...)

We were all so messy, but decided we couldn't head home quite yet. So we all went to Joe's on Juniper for brunch and celebratory mimosas! 

If you get the chance, you have to do it! It really is the happiest 5k on the planet! 

In other news, yesterday was Phoebe's first birthday! My parents and Mitchell are in Mexico for his Spring Break (ugh), so we are watching the Pheebster. 

So excited she can't even keep her eyes open!

Ruthie joined in on the birthday celebration! I think this video is just so adorable - especially when Phoebe scooches over, and then Ruthie does too.

And I have to finish off this post by bragging about myself. After finishing the 5K on Saturday, I woke up and ran 8 miles on Sunday! The half marathon is so soon, and I finally think I might not die. I'm sure all you runners out there are rolling your eyes, but I have never been a runner. Ever. I think it's the most horrible thing. If you're like me and don't enjoy running, check out this website: Reluctant Runners. You'll feel right at home!