Aiden: Nine Months

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

People always reference nine months as the age when your baby is out of your belly as long as it was growing inside you. WRONG. Last time I checked forty weeks is ten months, not nine. Or maybe it's just my way of pretending there is NO WAY Aiden is old enough for this. Nine months. Holy cow.

(I successfully broke our home computer for the time being, so my phone photos will have to work this month.)

Look at this chick! She doesn't stop smiling... or moving!

  • We have a crawler! As of May 4, she is officially on the move and getting into everything. I now understand baby proofing - she's especially drawn to plastic bags, outlets and vents. Neato! 
  • Speaking of weird things that garner her interest, she loves playing with her medicine dropper, lotion bottles... basically anything other than her bajillion toys.
  • She was able to pull herself up on things before she started crawling, but now it's upsy daisy all over the place. Luckily, she's fine with letting go and plopping down on her behind - because it happens all the time.
  • Lately she's been sucking her thumb. Not sure what that's about?
  • This chick loves to laugh! It's the best sound in the world and we're so lucky to have such a giggly baby.
  • One day she decided she would be in charge of feeding herself, thank you very much. Literally, it happened in one day. Now she gets annoyed if I try to feed her anything. We have a stubborn one on our hands. (But also, it seems, Ms. Independent!)
  • Speaking of food, she eats just about everything. She's still a little unsure of meat and we haven't let her have sugar, other than that - she's an eating machine. Her current fave is scrambled eggs. 
  • She's learning to wave. Really we're just reinforcing "Wave bye bye!" when she flaps her arm like a bird ready to fly away. Same goes for "high five!" I think that one is pretty intuitive.
  • Every once in awhile, when the mood strikes her, she'll give us a sloppy, open mouth kiss on command.
  • She loves to throw things. Yay.
  • We found out that she does not like people riding in the backseat with her. She needs her space.
  • She's standing up in her crib, which is the cutest thing, ever. Not so cute when she throws her paci over the side of the crib and throws a fit.
  • Bath time is still one of her favorite things. She would spend all day in the bathtub if I let her. She would also spend the whole time sucking on a washcloth if I let her. She's recently learned how to pull herself up in the bathtub, but since it's sloped up she can't exactly stand straight up. Instead, her little booty just sticks straight up. It's hilarious.
  • It is getting pretty difficult to change her. The second you lay her on her changing table, she immediately flips over and tries to crawl right off. We've gotten creative with how to distract her... Let her chew on lotion bottles, play with her clothes, play with her brush, etc.
  • She had her first big kerplunk. She hit her head on one of the knobs on her dresser and got a big ole bruise. Poor lovey!
  • She loves her cousin Jude!!! And she shows her love by attacking him every time they're around each other. I love that they're already best friends.
Our growing girl is weighing in at 17lbs 11.5oz (42%) and standing 28.25" tall (75%). It's hard to believe we're already at nine months. We can't even find the words to explain how much we love our little bug.

I received weekly emails while I was pregnant about how this little babe was growing, and they've kept coming since she arrived! Thanks to that handy dandy email, I was alerted that she is 40 weeks old as of May 31. HOW?!

40 weeks in // 40 weeks out
(Even though she camped out for 41 weeks, even numbers are more fun.)