Baby #2: Final Stretch

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Hard to believe we're in the final stretch with our newest little miracle!

28 Weeks - Third Trimester (June 27)
The final trimester! It actually doesn't feel like this pregnancy has gone any faster than Aiden's, but I'm definitely more preoccupied. I'm no longer counting the minutes until my due date. Just taking it day by day and soaking in these last precious days with my little Aidy Grace.

We have decided on a boy name! This has been quite the adventure, since we both feel like we "settled" on Aiden's name. However, it's also a relief knowing that the name doesn't really matter because even though we didn't love her name, she is such an Aiden Grace now! We've been specifically praying for God to give us names, because - to be honest - the process was just getting annoying. So here it is... Ezekiel "Zeke"

We both loved the name Zeke, but Adam wouldn't agree to just Zeke - he wanted Ezekiel. I was like "uh, NO" so we kind of took that name off the table. But, because that's the way He works, God put the name back on my heart and I've spent some time reading a specific story from Ezekiel in the Bible. It's one of Adam's favorites - Valley of the Dry Bones - and I've really come to love it, as well (who doesn't after reading it??).

29 Weeks - Happy Birthday, America! (July 4)
I got a call from my OB on Wednesday saying I failed my one hour glucose test. I was pretty shocked! I never had to deal with that when I pregnant with Aiden. Went in for my three hour glucose test on Thursday and I have to say, I was nervous. Thank you Jesus, I got the call Friday that I passed! Hooray!

32 Weeks - Two Months Out! (July 25)
Still no girl name. Not as uncomfortable as the past few weeks, I think maybe s/he dropped a little bit (thanks, kid!). Very surreal to think we'll be welcoming a new babe in two months! Trying to soak up every.single.minute as a family of three. Adam finished painting the nursery and we moved the furniture in there. Now it's time to decorate!

35 Weeks - Coming Up Quick (August 15)
Our favorite little gymnast is running out of room, but somehow still managing to make my stomach look like an alien is about to burst out. I can almost fully grab his/her little hand or foot when it sticks out. It's pretty crazy! Aiden was pretty chill compared to this babe. Nursery is probably as close to done as it's going to be, unless I get a kick of inspiration or nesting in the next few weeks. Trying to continue walking, but it's Still no girl name! Experiencing Braxton Hicks and pelvic pain (yay, end of pregnancy discomforts!). Excited to meet this little nugget, but also enjoying these last weeks before his/her debut.

37 Weeks - No More Events! (August 29)
I had my last big event before the babe on Sunday - Give Me Five. I can't believe I was able to be on my feet for 12 hours and not go into labor! All in all, I felt pretty great the whole day. Monday was a different story - I was so sore all over and beyond exhausted. Last night I was in bed by 7:15pm and I feel like a new woman today. Hard to believe this babe will be here in a matter of weeks!

38 Weeks - Zero Patience (September 5)
I am so ready for this baby to be here! I thought this annoying unknown part at the end wouldn't really both me with the second one. I WAS WRONG. Could you just give me like a three day window, babe? I think it's mostly frustrating because I've been having contractions for a couple weeks now. Hoping my water breaks with this one so I can at least know it's go time. Trying to rest in God's perfect plan and timing. Sigh.

We have a girl name! Emerson Charlotte. Emerson is a fun name we both liked, meaning "brave". Charlotte is after my Mamabear who went to be with Jesus at the end of July.

39 Weeks - See You Soon (September 12)
No baby, but I (think?) I've calmed down a little bit with the anxiousness. Every moment I spend with Aiden I look at her and think "everything is about to change". Makes me want to cry happy AND sad tears at the same time! This baby drops and jumps so much - one minute s/he is in my ribs, the next I'm confident s/he is going to fall right out. Gross Update (but so is having a baby): lost some of my mucus plug last Wednesday and Thursday, so we figured baby would be coming over the weekend. Then we thought baby would come yesterday with the barometric pressure drop (Thanks, Hurricane Irma). WE WERE WRONG. I've also been diffusing clary sage oil (and maybe covering my body with it) for the past week. Nada. The wait continues.

Differences this pregnancy
-I got a lot bigger a lot faster! Definitely more stretch marks this time around.
-Prenatal yoga has really made a difference in my comfort - I feel like I'm able to breathe again.
-Overall, I've been a LOT more uncomfortable this pregnancy. I'm sure it has nothing to do with raising a toddler while simultaneously growing a human.
-I was pretty religious about walking when I was pregnant with Aiden and went to the gym (to walk) almost daily. With a toddler, no gym membership and the heat of the summer - I really haven't been able to walk nearly as much as I would like. I think that's been a big factor in me being uncomfortable.
-This baby kicks a lot harder and more often than Aiden did. I feel like I'm growing an octopus alien.
-Lots of early labor signs the last month. Contractions, mucus plug lost earlier, etc.

Final Guess - Boy or Girl?
Before the big day, it's time to make note of what we think this little lamb is! First things first, it has been so fun not knowing! I think we'll totally go this route with any future kid(s), too. But ask me again then. :)

I think it's a boy, for sure! Which kind of makes me think it's a girl (if that makes sense?). Almost everyone has guessed that it's a boy, but I wonder if that's just because we already have a girl? I'm pretty sure Kalyn is the only one who thinks it's a girl! My mom has sworn up and down it's a boy since the day we told her we were pregnant. She's even bought boy clothes already.

On one hand, a boy would be so fun because we already have a girl and - let's be honest - of course Adam wants a boy! On the other hand, I always wanted a sister and would love to have two girls so close in age - built in besties! Overall, I truly don't care. I know God has had this child handpicked for us since the beginning of time, and what an honor to be trusted to raise another one of his precious children! The absolute privilege of my life.

I get goosebumps thinking of the moment when we finally meet this babe and find out! I'm so excited!!