Happy Birthday to Me!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Well, we've officially marked off the final National Holiday before baby girl makes her appearance - my birthday!

#BumpDay happened to fall on the week of my birthday, so baby girl and I joined in on raising awareness for maternal and infant health with this little pic.

We celebrated my birthday with the Baker/Causey clan on Friday night, but I failed at taking pictures. (BOO!) Love spending time with that sweet family of ours!

We marked off my final "must do" before baby - Rug Doctoring the carpets! Adam was such a trooper (as always), he moved all of our furniture by himself.

We also painted the changing pad holder (official name, I'm sure) this weekend, which means we have officially FINISHED the nursery! A whole blog post on that will come shortly.

(Here's an awkward, panoramic sneak peek).

On Saturday, we cashed in all of our gift cards and bought the final items we need before the babe. Adam's favorite purchase… the monitor.

Ruthie loves hanging out in baby girl's room, and has recently discovered her stuffed animals. Uh oh.

Now on to the important stuff - my birthday! Adam woke me up on Sunday morning with this delicious breakfast before church. Check out those Leslie Knope waffles! In addition to the robe and PJs I wanted for my birthday, Adam also got me a waffle maker!! I could have cried. It was so thoughtful.

After church, we decided to head up to Avalon just to get out of the house and do something. And look what my odometer surprised me with on the trip up there? 8 is my all time favorite number, and I was so excited that I actually saw this happen!!

After lunch at Antico, we walked around the shops and finished off with some Pinkberry before heading home for a nap.

My perfect birthday ended with a delicious dinner at Saltyard (seriously, SO good) and dessert at Cafe Intermezzo! The best part? I got to spend it with my two favorite people! (One of whom kind of has to come everywhere with me for the next few weeks… or whenever she decides to make her appearance.)

Hooray for 27! I have a feeling it will be the best one, yet!


Monday, July 20, 2015

Apparently a "babymoon" is a thing. More so, just a reason to plan a vacation before your first baby arrives. I know people who have gone to Italy, Aruba, etc. - but Adam and I weren't really into that vibe (and we're not bajillionaires). I also didn't know how I would feel this far along in my pregnancy and didn't want to to be somewhere too far away in case something happened. So a few months back we planned to make the 2 hour drive to Lake Hartwell for our last hoorah before baby.

I did some hunting on VRBO and was able to find a cute little house right on the lake - Key West Cottage. It was so perfect! Plenty of space, clean, right on the water, had its own dock, not on a busy part of the lake… just perfect. We spent the whole weekend just lounging on the lake and relaxing. It was so nice. We also realized we're pretty sure it's the first vacation the two of us have ever taken just to take a vacation together. Granted, we've been some awesome places, but there's usually a reason behind those trips (work, wedding, etc.).

I didn't do the greatest job at taking pictures, but here are a few I captured of our weekend.

View from the screened-in porch to the lake on Friday afternoon.

Getting the party started on Friday afternoon! 

We lucked out with perfect weather! It stormed for a little bit on Saturday afternoon, but we were inside taking a nap anyway. We also took the kayaks out on Saturday morning, so we did get a little exercise in (ha!). 

As Adam said all weekend... "Just eatin', relaxin' and havin' a grrrrreat time." (I think it's a Honey Boo Boo quote?) 

We found a friend! This little old dog came up when we were grilling out on Saturday. I was trying to call his owners (we could only get service at the top of the driveway), but then he decided to trot away. He came back as soon as we pulled out the food, though. Must be the little neighborhood pooch.

A little post-dinner fishing. Could he be any cuter?

We decided to head down for one final dip in the lake before we headed home on Sunday. And yes, my 35 week bump was out in full force ALL weekend.

I love you, Adam! And there's no one I'd rather be on this adventure with!

All dressed in white

Thursday, July 16, 2015

This weekend was a baby extravaganza!! (Compared to what? It's all we ever do!)

Adam and I had our hospital tour on Thursday… I guess this is actually happening! Of course, I asked the most shallow, insignificant question - but one I had to know the answer to. In case you're wondering, Kennestone does have newborn hats with bows on them for the girls, you just have to ask your nurse for them. Mystery solved.

My amazing friends threw me a baby shower last weekend, so I coordinated a low-key pizza party at Dominica's on Friday night. 

I was up early Saturday morning to go pick up Anna from the airport. She literally flew in for less than 24 hours for the occasion! Baby girl is so insanely loved. Then it was back to our house to get ready for the festivities.

The gorgeous invites!

Some detail pictures, of course.

The beautiful hosts!

And because there's no such thing as too many pictures…

How amazing is this WCU chair?? Our little baby Catamount.

Baby Chicky! Kelly actually made this bag!


Lindsay and her mom both came in for the shower!

My loves!

Baby girl is so spoiled already! We are truly so lucky to have such generous people in our lives. We are SET for baby girl.

After dinner with some out-of-towners at The Sound Table on Saturday night, I was ready to sleep in! However, out-of-towners take precedence over my rest. So it was up and at 'em for coffee with Lindsay followed by brunch with Madi (and Alysa and Dominica). The four of us got together to try on bridesmaids dresses for Alysa. Although we didn't find the winner, we had a lot of fun!

Tuesday marked our last Bradley Method class with Suzanne - bittersweet! I could do a whole blog post about how much we loved Suzanne and the Bradley Method! Actually, I think I will. So stay tuned!

This weekend we look forward to not doing any home improvement chores.. it's our BABY MOON! Can't wait!

33 - 35 Weeks

Week 33: June 30

Baby's the size of a: Honeydew melon and may grow a full inch this week! 

Weight gain since last appointment: 2 pounds (Total: 23 pounds)

Baby's heart rate: 140s

Sleep: Still can't complain! Just getting up about once a night to pee.

Best moment of this week: Jude's first sleepover, getting a lot done around the house, going for a walk with Adam and the pups at a nearby park… just life in general!

Miss anything: Nope.

Food cravings: Suddenly unhealthy carbs are just something I can't live without. And sweets. Uh oh.

Symptoms: Other than being hot all the time, I feel great! I get a little pelvic pain when I lay on the couch, but sitting up straight usually helps out.

Looking forward to: Soaking these last few weeks in! I had a brief moment of panic over the weekend about how soon she'll be here, and how it won't just be Adam and me anymore. Crazy to think about.

Week 34: July 7

Baby's the size of a: Pineapple and her fingernails have reached the tips of her fingers!

Sleep: A little insomnia here and there, but overall still good!

Best moment of this week: Family fun time for the 4th! And just soaking in these last few weeks of just me and Adam!

Miss anything: A fun cocktail on the 4th of July! I made a few little mocktails, which did the trick.

Food cravings: Still sweets. Specifically this weekend, Debbie sent us a picture of homemade cinnamon rolls she made. I had just finished my (boring) breakfast of yogurt, berries and granola - so obviously Adam and I headed to the donut store.

Symptoms: She's definitely getting heavier, and seems to have found my bladder.

Looking forward to: My final baby shower this weekend! I have a handful of friends coming in from out of town, and I can't wait to see everyone!

Week 35: July 14

Baby's the size of a: Canary melon and she's pretty much at her birth height - now it's just time to pack on the pounds!

Weight gain since last appointment: 4 pounds - oops (Total: 27 pounds)

Baby's heart rate: I forgot to ask, but she said she sounded great! Also said she doesn't think she'll be too big at birth, which is a relief.

Sleep: Starting to understand this whole "pregnancy insomnia" thing. Still not too bad, but I typically wake up for 30min - 1.5hrs every night.

Best moment of this week: My best friends threw me the most beautiful baby shower, and a few of them flew in for it! It was so great to spend time with everyone. Plus, baby girl kicked for Natalie and Anna.

Miss anything: A cocktail. Please and thank you.

Food cravings: Still on that whole sweets kick, but nothing too crazy.

Symptoms: Constantly peeing, hard to get comfortable while sitting (guess I'll just lay down all the time!), HOT… All par for the course. :)

Looking forward to: Our Babymoon to Lake Hartwell this weekend!

Happy 4th!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Let's see… Have I mentioned that my entire family frolicked through Italy together over the last week or so? If not, probably because I'm a little bitter! Mitchell is over there doing a Study Abroad/Internship thing, so Mom, Dad, Katie and Jeff headed over to visit him/have the time of their lives. Of course, I can't say much. We kind of had our own amazing trip to Italy two (two?!) years ago!

Anywho, while they were gone my aunts came in town to hang out with Papabear. We had the chance to hang out with them one night once we got back from St. Louis… and I was finally able to give Papabear his Father's Day present! Still can't believe I found this adorable little set. He LOVES it, and has brought it up every time I've seen him since. He even called me later that night to let me know the shirt fit. :)

Compared to last year, our Fourth of July was pretty low key. Of course, I was also 33 weeks pregnant this year, so any type of big party didn't exactly sound appealing anyway. I started the day with my typical breakfast of greek yogurt, berries and granola (borrrrring), and then got a picture from Debbie of some delicious cinnamon rolls she had made. Of course, Adam and I immediately headed for the closest donut shop.

We decided to try a new place up the street - Tip Top Donuts. Adam wasn't too impressed, but I was!

Red, White and Blue… of course.

Since we were out and about, we decided to stop into an Antique Mall by our house to see if we could find a mirror for baby girl's room. Check out this relaxing piece of art! Can you imagine bebe's nightmares if this was in her room?? (We actually did find a mirror - yay! - but I'll hold off on adding a picture until it's up on the wall.)

Speaking of the baby (because when are we not?), Adam finished her adorable headband holder! I love how it turned out.

And we did celebrate America on the Fourth! The Causeys invited us over for a delicious dinner and we got to see some fireworks! Of course, the only picture of us being remotely festive is this one my mom took of us holding the baby's crib bumper she got us. Ha!