Holiday Round Up

Friday, February 24, 2017

My phone AND computer hate me and refuse to let me download my pictures! I finally found a workaround... months later. So here you go...

It's hard to believe it's 2017! Mostly because that number is crazy and it means Aiden will be TWO this year. We had a wonderful end to 2016, filled with lots of love.

Katie, my mom and I took Aiden to go see Santa right after Thanksgiving. She was pretty meh about him, and eventually a big NO. But she looked so cute!

Picking out our annual Christmas tree at Pike Nursery!

Allison and I had our "company Christmas party" in New Orleans! In and out in the same day, it was fun!

Drum roll please... KELSEY IS HOME!!!! After almost a year in Africa, we finally welcomed her home on December 9! What a great day!

The post-Africa hair chop! A total of 24" donated!

Adam officially launched Rounding Third. So proud!

We kicked off the Christmas celebrations with the arrival of my beautiful niece, Esther Moriah, on Saturday, December 17! She is so perfect and the spitting image of her big brother, Jude - except for her head of black hair.

We celebrated Christmas with the Bakers on Christmas Eve, and it was adorable to watch Jude and Aiden open presents together.

That afternoon, we headed to church. We had never been to StoneBridge's Christmas Eve service, because last year we were discharged from the hospital (Last year? Surely that was centuries ago.) and the year before we were telling everyone Aiden was on her way! I was excited because A. I love our church and B. Aiden got to be with us! She did such a great job - an hour is a long time to stay in one area when you're one.

Among our list of Christmas traditions we're trying to continue, making Reindeer Food was one I had to check off. (Mainly because I have a cute bowl that says "Reindeer Food" that we filled with dry oatmeal and colorful sprinkles.) Aiden loved spreading it around our driveway - check it out.

We also made cookies for Santa! I made plenty with the idea that we would take the extras to the local fire station on Christmas morning. It took four seconds out of our day, but I like to think it helped brighten their spirits! Also, you can definitely tell the rookies had to pull the Christmas shift - all of them looked much younger than us.

Christmas morning was so much fun. Aiden doesn't quite grasp the concept, but she did love opening presents. We continued our traditions of wearing tacky hats and eating monkey bread! We read her the story of Jesus' birth on Christmas Eve, but I saw that Adam's cousin reads it to her kids on Christmas morning before they open presents. I like that idea much better and am stealing it (thanks, Erica and Tim!). We're really trying to emphasize the reason for Christmas (Jesus!) and I'm just glad I'm finding stealing all of these great ideas so Aiden can grow up with a sturdy foundation on why we celebrate Christmas and the true reason for this amazing season.

We headed over to my parents on Christmas Day for more celebrations. We loved getting to spend so much time with family over the holidays. Both Adam and I had a good amount of time off work and it was nice to just relax.

The week between Christmas and New Year's, I was not-so-patiently awaiting the arrival on my cousin's baby! Maggie and Michael are Aiden's godparents and were expecting their first on Christmas Eve - the day after Esther was due. Maren Rae finally graced us with her presence on New Year's Eve! I can't wait to meet the little munchkin.

Adam and I let Aiden ring in 2017 with the Bakers while we headed to a movie (Star Wars Rogue One) and then Jillian's for a NYE party. Although we much prefer our current life to our pre-baby life, it is fun to have a night with our friends every once in awhile!

The first week of 2017, Aiden and I both battled strep. It hit Aiden hard and she was down for the count. While she was beyond pitiful, those snuggles were the greatest thing, ever. I'm glad she bounced back the next day, but I admit I certainly miss those snuggles.

Adam and I are currently getting our house ready to sell (eeek!), so we're living in chaos right now. We're really excited to see this next chapter God leads us to and through. Praying for a smooth selling and buying process and that God is glorified through it all. I hope our home on Mimosa Drive proves to do amazing things for another family, as it has for us!