...and the weekend continued!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

As overwhelming as my little brother's graduation post was, I thought I'd split the weekend into two posts.

Jefe and Katie headed back to Texas on Sunday afternoon and we headed straight to Kelly and Jason's pool to celebrate Jason's birthday! Kelly makes the most delish cakes, and this one was not an exception. Nom, nom nom!

Monday was Memorial Day and I was so happy to be able to spend the day with my handsome hubs! It's easy to forget how insanely lucky we all are that countless men and women have given their lives to ensure we get to spend lazy days at the pool. I am eternally grateful for their ultimate sacrifice.

Monday was super special for another reason.... the Meldrums came in town! Adam's mom, Debbie, fell in love with Annie Bananie when she was just a baby in church nursery. One thing led to another and the Bakers ended up watching all of the Meldrum kids and it was the highlight of Debbie's life! She will never always admit that she loves those kids more than her future grandchildren.

Three years ago, the Meldrums moved to Iraq to spread the Word after being called by God. They have done incredible things over there and you can keep up with them on Kristi's amazing blog (that should be turned into a book!). Anyway, they're back from Iraq for the summer and it was our first time seeing the kids since they left! It's unreal how grown up they are, but at least Annie still remembers us.

After dinner, we all went down to the tennis courts so Adam could throw around the baseball with them. Pretty impressive for a family without a baseball bat at home!

Toby got multiple hits!

Adam and his shortstop.

Jesse hit a homerun! (Actually, the ball hadn't event gotten to him, but we'll give it to him anyway.)

Go Annie!

And to top it all off - there was a double rainbow! Um, hello perfect day.

The Meldrums will be in town for a while, so we'll be able to see them at least once more. Woo hoo!

Also, last night was the Lassiter Baseball Banquet - the season is officially over. How handsome are the coaches? Best team, ever.

In case no one noticed - I actually just posted a blog on a weekday! About two weekday events! (Ok - so maybe Memorial Day doesn't count, but still).

Happy Graduation to Mitchy!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My parents are officially (almost) empty nesters! My little brother, Mitch, graduated from Lassiter High School on Friday - woop, woop! Seeing as he's the favorite child in the Reaves family (whatever...), the entire Reaves  clan came into town. Yep. All of them.

Before the chaos (aka family) arrived, we were able to attend a couple of Mitchell's graduation events.

Senior Night on the Green

Adam and I also attended Lassiter's Senior Night on the Green... in 2006. We decided to recreate the moment - ha!

How handsome did Mitchell look at his Baccalaureate? Such a stud.

On Thursday, the whole famdamily arrived! My dad wanted to get a big family picture taken for his birthday, so after a cocktail or 5 we all headed down to the neighborhood lake and put on our best smiles. I think they are going to turn out fabulous and will be sure to post them on the blog when they're ready! Here's a few I took on my camera...

The original Reaves siblings: Frances, Dad and Nancy

Mitch, Me and Jeff

After pictures, we headed back to my 'rents house and surprised them with a mini anniversary party. They celebrated their 25th in April, and we decided to do a little somethin' somethin' for them while everyone was in town. We ordered them a cute cake and Jeff made them an adorable slide show of pictures of them through the years. 

I made them this little gem that I found on Pinterest. The three maps show where they had their first date, where they got engaged and where they got married. It took a lot longer than a thought, but it wouldn't have even been possible if I didn't have a handy man like Adam around. He had to custom build the frame.

Cheers to 25 more!

And now, a photo dump of Mitchell's graduation and graduation party...

Adam made him this pretttty awesome beer pong table for graduation, and of course the entire family had to play. (It was also my dad's birthday on Friday. Talk about a weekend of celebrations!)

For his graduation party, Jeff, Katie, Adam and I created Mitchapalooza shirts. And then we took over the photo booth, of course!

HAPPY GRADUATION, MITCHELL! We're all so proud of you!

It's beginning to look a lot like SUMMER!

Monday, May 21, 2012

It was another busy/productive week at the Baker house! This is Adam's last week of school and he was officially registered in SubFinder last week so he can continue subbing while he works on his Master's degree (fingers crossed he starts in the fall). Little did I know that his phone would ring every night around 7pm and every morning around 5am. We get up around 5:30 anyway, but that 30 minutes is pretty annoying.

Tuesday we celebrated Vann's birthday by grilling out and unveiling her super fun cake and pressie.

Friday was all about Vann, again! Weee!! We met up for a delish dinner at El Taco and then had a quick drink at The Family Dog before heading home.

Saturday we were up early because we had 29873 things to mark off our to-do list. Mitchell graduates from high school on Friday, so Jeff and his girlfriend, Katie, are staying in our guest room. The only problem was, we didn't actually have anything in our guest room. So we finally pulled that room together. We bought the mattress and box spring at this discount furniture store by our house and the night stands were my parents'. We don't have a bed frame, yet - but we have a mattress! I'm not in love with the bedding, but there are worse things in life. We also don't have one thing on the walls, but we have a bed! And that's really all that matters at this point.

Saturday night was Madi's going away party - she's spending the summer doing an internship in Buenos Aires. So exciting! Saturday also happened to be the day Christine got in town, so it was really a going away/welcome home celebration.

We still have a lot of cleaning to do before Jeff and Katie's arrival, but decided to spend Sunday at the pool instead. I went ahead and got my annual burn out of the way, so I'm good to go for the summer! We also stopped by my parents' house to check on their new deck. It's almost done! Just in time for this weekend's celebrations.

We have a big week ahead of us starting with Mitchell's Senior Night on the Green tonight. Every time the Reaves get together there's sure to be some drama, so I'm sure I'll have plenty to report back on next week. Until then!

Girls Weekend in Philly

Monday, May 14, 2012

I spent this past weekend in Philly visiting my best friend, Lindsay, and our moms came along, too. The four of us always have such a good time together, and this weekend was no exception! We crammed so much fun and sight seeing into two days, I feel like we were there for a month. So, here goes the biggest photo dump in the history of this blog!

And we're off! My mom and I headed to Philly on Thursday night.

Lindsay had to work on Friday morning, so we went to visit her. She works at the Wells Fargo Center, which is the big sports complex in Philly - home to the Phillies, the Eagles, the 76ers and the Flyers.

Obviously we had to try a Philly cheese steak, so we headed to the famous Geno's. (Honestly, it was nothing to write home about.)

Just call us the Liberty Bell Belles!

We took a Duck Tour! So much fun. 

The 'duck' portion of the tour was actually pretty lame, but I guess they had to cut some of the stuff off since the big accident. Here's a picture I took of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge during the tour (Thanks, Instagram!).

There's a reason they don't give out the Quackers until the end of the tour. I think we're the reason.

After our big day, it was definitely vodka thirty.

Then we got all dolled up and headed out to celebrate Lindsay's birthday!

Our first stop was line dancing lessons at Woody's, located in Philly's Gayborhood. Seriously, so fun! I highly recommend it.

The first dance was so hard, so my mom decided to take a breather - and secretly videotape us. (How amazing is this guy in the front? He was quietly sitting in the corner, and just popped right up once the lessons started. Too funny.)

Philly restaurants are really big on BYOB, which was prettttty awesome. We headed off to dinner at Garces Trading Company, and then finished the night bar hopping in Old City.

Day 2 kicked off by heading to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (aka the home of the famous Rocky Steps and Rocky Statue).

And of course, it wouldn't be me and Lindsay if we didn't recreate the Rocky Steps (with music).

The Museum is also home to some gorgeous gardens and outdoor pavilion. From there, we were able to see Boathouse Row.

After a delicious lunch at Bridget Foy's, we headed back to freshen up before our next big night out. Our evening started with Girls Night: The Musical. It's a production where the audience is encouraged to dance and sing along to fun songs ("I Will Survive", "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", etc.). It was pretty hokey, but cute! It would have been better if they didn't try to add in a serious story line.

After the show, we walked to Lolita's for dinner - a BYOT (bring your own tequila) Mexican restaurant. So cute and delish! The weather was so perfect all weekend, so we were able to sit outside for almost every meal. 

You bring your own tequila, and they supply the margarita mix - genius! 

Mom didn't want to partake in the margs, so she requested her own personal tequila shot setup.

We began/ended the night at Jolly's Dueling Piano Bar. Again, so much fun! There were about 394872 bachelorettes there, and one actually asked us if we were hired by the bar to get the party started. THAT'S how much fun we had! (Side note: I wore these awesome shoes, but found out they are literally the world's most uncomfortable shoes...ever. Which is why I'm death-gripping Lindsay in the second video.)

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and we surprised our mom's by making reservations at the Moshulu. It's the least we could do, seeing as we both have the best mom's in the whole entire world! We also somehow scored the best seats in the house - right at the window so we could look out over the water.

After brunch, we headed to the top deck to take some pictures.

We headed back home yesterday afternoon, and already miss Philly! However, it was nice to get a solid 10.5 hours of sleep last night!