Emerson: Five and Six Months

Monday, March 19, 2018


Five months with this sweet pea! She's finally becoming a little person and man, is she cute.

  • We moved her to her crib on January 18, which was neat. She tried to kill us from lack of sleep this month. Literally, KILL US. We tried her in her swaddle, but she rolled over and gave us a heart attack. We tried the Merlin suit, but she rolled over in that, too. We tried using nothing, she screamed. We tried letting her cry it out, she screamed herself hoarse. LOTS OF SCREAMING. Man, it was rough. We finally settled on the Zipadeezip and although it didn't work in the beginning, it's what's working now! 
  • After weeks of no sleep and literally almost LOSING it, she finally popped her first tooth on Valentine's Day! I cried, because I felt like "this must be why she wasn't sleeping!" I was RIGHT! Starting that night, she has done much better. Still up every 3 hours to eat and has some screaming fits, but overall totally manageable. And the best part, she's a much happier camper. 
  • We typically put her down around 7pm and she's up around 9pm, 1am and 5am - then up around 6:30am. We tried to put her on a "schedule-ish". She goes down for a nap around 10am, again a couple hours after she wakes up from that one and a little cat nap a couple hours after she wakes up from that one. It's meh at best. 
  • Her second tooth popped through about a week after the first. Now she's got her two bottom toofers!
  • She is trying to get SOMEWHERE. She's a roly poly and trying to push herself up to crawl.
  • Started sitting up unassisted right after Valentine's Day. 
  • Loves the forward facing Baby Bjorn, but is not a fan of facing inward. (Can you blame her for not wanting to stare at my chest?)
  • She has this adorable scrunchy smile and also this funny laugh/cry. A lot of times we don't know if she's laughing or crying! (But obviously we figure it out pretty quickly...)

Half a year! How are we here?

  • She's just not a good sleeper at night. I'm leaving it at that. We thought she was teething again and that's why she was doing so poorly - but so far no more teeth. She will put herself to sleep or naps and initially at night, but she's just up ALL. THE. TIME at night. Man, it's tough.
  • She does pretty well with naps, though! They're not predictable - sometimes it's 30 minutes in the morning and two hours in the afternoon, sometimes it's vice versa, sometimes it's an hour three times a day. We never know, but we'll take it. 
  • She does this goose honk when she's tired, which Aiden also used to do!
  • As if her lack of night time sleep patterns aren't irritating enough, now she refuses to nurse in the night sometimes. YAY. I kind of think she's just over me, but I refuse to stop nursing.
  • Speaking of which, we did start supplementing with one bottle of formula a day a couple weeks ago (and sometimes at night when she's hungry but won't nurse).
  • We also started her on food on March 4, because she just seemed ready. She was! She loves everything about eating (sitting in her highchair, the spoon, the EXCITEMENT) - except sometimes not the actual food. We started with avocado, and that was a meh. So far she loves green beans, sweet potatoes and Mum Mums.
  • As much as I complain about her sleeping, for the most part she's actually a very happy baby!! 
  • She loves to pretend to walk while Daddy is holding her up.
  • She is trying so hard to crawl and can scoot her little booty all over the place.
  • She gives the best little hugs and has given a few open mouth kisses. Sometimes when I come home after not seeing her for awhile she flips out and tries to eat my face - it's pretty cute.
  • She started pulling up on March 15. I remember because she pulled up on my suitcase while I was packing for her first big trip.
  • Which leads us to... her first airplane ride! We headed out to Fort Worth to celebrate Mamabear and Papabear's memorial and took Emerson with us. She did pretty well on the flights. We LOVED having the one-on-one time with her! It sounds terrible, but it was so fun to really get to know her for a few days - without Aiden taking up some of our attention. 
  • She is still obsessed with Aiden, and the feeling is so mutual! While we were gone, we would FaceTime Aiden and she would always instantly ask for Emmie. Rude.
  • Thanks to the recommendation from Kalyn, she loves The Happy Song
  • Coming in hot at 15lbs 15.5oz (45%) and 27" tall (86%). Noggin holding strong at 17.25" (87%).
Video highlights from this month:
Oh, Emers. You are a joy and we love learning more and more about you!