Summer is officially HERE!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I love summertime for too many reasons. We get to play outside. My skin doesn't get all itchy and irritated like it does in the winter (overshare?). I don't have to wear sassy pants to work - dresses galore! And of course, it's my birthday season. So many things to love about this glorious season!

Last week I worked the Taste of the Nation Palm Beach event. My first event with Share Our Strength! I love, love, loved every second of it! It's so much different than what I was doing, but MLT definitely prepared me for anything that was thrown at me. (Seriously, everyone needs to work in an agency. I couldn't have asked for a better first job!)

The event was held at the Cohen Pavillion at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach on Wednesday, June 20. Here's the room before... and after set up!

Here I am with two of the other Share Our Strength-ers at the event. Yes, we got to wear snazzy head radios. Jealous?

We went to this fun little place called The Wine Dive after the event on Wednesday night. Love the chalk paint!

I stayed at the DoubleTree in Miami, and here is a view of South Beach (?) from the pool. Not the prettiest day...

This past weekend we got hit with real-life summer weather. Helllllo 90s! We also got to spend time with some of my favorite people from college! Emily's mom lives in Canton, GA and was throwing a huge 50th birthday bash, so of course we all had to partake. As always, I took way too many pictures.

HAD to get some pool time in on Saturday!

Hilda's 50th Birthday Bash!

Some cute guy I picked up. :)

Lucky guy! (Don't mind the red eye...eeek!)

Adam has been busy up at the baseball field most days (do I sound like a broken record, yet?). I am so very glad he found something that he absolutely LOVES! And he'll also be coaching Softball in the fall.

He's also gearing up to start taking classes towards his Masters in the fall. He'll be attending Kennesaw State, and will eventually graduate with his Masters in Secondary Math Education. Such a wiz! He'll start by taking Calculus1 this fall followed by Calculus 2 in the spring and Calculus 3 in the summer - and this all has to be done before he even starts his Masters program! I think this is God's way of testing my patience, for sure!

Anyway, that's all that's been going on at the Baker residence. Pretty exciting stuff, huh?

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