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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This past weekend (because us Bakers only do exciting things on weekends) was one filled with family time for me, and educational baseball-y stuff for Adam.

Last Thursday, Adam headed off to the Windy City for the first time. He was asked to attend the ABCA Conference with a couple of the other Lassiter Baseball coaches, and I was so very proud of him. He may not be eligible to teach yet, but it's nice that the coaches already see him as one of them. They had a great time and Adam loved the speakers. While he was away on his fun-filled vacation until Sunday, Ruthie and I decided to get some QT in with the fam.

Last Friday was my first day back in the office since December 20. (Uhh, what?? I can certainly get used to this schedule.) After work, I picked up the pooch and headed over to the Bakers for Kelsey's going away dinner. No, she's not going to Africa again (yet...) - just 2 hours away back to college in Milledgeville. Since Adam wasn't there, we spent the whole time talking about him behind his back! Not really. Just some casual family time with my favorite in-laws.

The rest of the weekend I spent at my parents - yes, that means I got to sleep in the world's comfiest bed (aka my old one) two nights in a row. It would have been amazing, had Ruthie not woken up at 4 a.m. both mornings wanting to play with Phoebe... ay  yi yi.

Mitchell says I'm a loser for hanging out with the family all the time, but it's hard to take someone seriously who I found doing this at the age of 19. At his parents' house. BOO YAH.

My dad and Mitchy were headed to the Hawks game on Saturday night, so my mom and I planned our own girls night out. We went to the newly renovated movie theater at Phipps Plaza, and I will never see a movie any other way. The seats fully reclined. As in, I could lay horizontal the whole time. (Not the best idea if you're going late-night; I would most definitely fall asleep.) We saw The Impossible - a family's true story about the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. It honestly left me speechless - one of the best movies I've ever seen.

In true Karen and Elizabeth fashion, we just had to get Mexican food. We headed over to Mi Cocina (where Adam and I had eaten the week before) because I'm obsessed.

After a chaotic trip to Costco on Sunday (don't ever go to Costco on Sunday afternoons - rookie move) Ruthie and I headed back to the casa to clean watch TV and wait for Adam.

{I can't take her anywhere.}

To top off my family-filled weekend, I got home yesterday to this little gem waiting for me!! My Aunt Frances made one of these calendars for everyone in the family and I'm obsessed.

SIDE NOTE: My cousin Michael finallllllly proposed to his girlfriend Maggie!!! I could not be more excited!! I love Maggie and am so glad she's finallllly going to be part of our wacky family.

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