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Friday, July 11, 2014

I'm not doing much better updating this bad boy. I blame it on the fact that I have to solely depend on our Mac to write the posts, and I haven't quite mastered this whole "system" yet. Regardless, I want to get this update out of the way so I can have a nice, uninterrupted post on our trip to ALASKA that we leave for tomorrow!

Madi threw a World Cup party for her birthday, that was then combined with a Friday the 13th party because... well, it was Friday the 13th. We show up all decked out in Italia futbol clothes and are the only ones dressed up besides the birthday girl and her boyfriend, Evan. Talk about a bunch of party poopers! Fun times had by all, though. Have you ever partied in workout clothes? It was the most comfortable I've ever been. I did cartwheels and high kicks all night long.

Birthday girl and I showing off our killer soccer moves.

We were all about the World Cup this summer - especially Adam. #teamamerica.

We spent a glorious night celebrating VANN and her birthday at our house. Weeee! So much fun.

The next weekend, we found out our AC was broken. Rather than suffer through the hottest weekend of the year, we camped out with the 'rents. Mom celebrated by making this fun pineapple/vodka drink!

I do love that back deck of theirs!

And the dogs love all the snacks.

I celebrated my new job with three days at Jury Duty. (Insert sarcastic "yay".) The whole process was actually pretty interesting, the subject matter was NOT. Two Koreans fighting over a tae kwon do studio, and they both needed translators. It would have been total snooze city if not for the very entertaining judge.

June 28 was one of the greatest days, ever. It was finally the Katy Perry concert! There are no words....other than LIFE CHANGING.

Last weekend we celebrated the 4th of July in Asheville. We arrived Thursday evening and spent the night with Whittney and Jade, along with some friends from Florida.

We spent the 4th with some friends I used to work with in Florida. Totally random, but they were going to be in Asheville for his 40th/the 4th of July - and we'll take any excuse to go up there! The weather was so perfect and we spent the day eating some amazing food (and drinking some beer and boxed wine, duh. #merica).

Happy birthday, Clay and America!

We didn't actually go see any big fireworks, but my big kid was just fine enjoying sparklers with the kids. Fun times!

Before heading back to Atlanta, we had to make a pitstop in God's Country... Cullowhee, NC aka Western Carolina University aka my Alma Mater. After lunch at Speedy's, we headed into Cullowhee. They have done so much renovating on that campus it doesn't even look the same! Loving this new water fountain, though.

I spy... a really strange/hilarious dedication brick at the Bell Tower.

Take us back!

On Monday, I joined my parents for the Lionel Richie concert at Chastain Park (the summer of concerts, apparently). Adam didn't want to partake in the dance party, so Dominica and her parents joined us. We had so much fun dancing on the ceiling! (Get it?)

Well, that's that! I'll try to be more timely in my next update... about ALASKA!!

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