Emerson: Nine Months

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Emerson Charlotte Baker, YOU ARE A NUT. Oh, how we love this child!

  • Beating a dead horse here, but the child doesn't stop. 
  • I've caught her standing up by herself a couple times, but for the most part she still holds on to something and cruises her way all around the house.
  • She claps.
  • She's starting to wave and will say "hi!". 
  • She likes to try to copy the sounds we make. The cutest is her little "uh oh". She also likes to try to copy Adam when he blows air.
  • She's still obsessed with her big sister. The feeling is so mutual, and it's the greatest. Aiden calls her "Ems" - sister nicknames already!
  • She has five teeth, and the sixth is making it's way down.
  • She loves the pool! She'll hang in her little float for awhile, but really loves being held. She tries to put her face in the water, which I think she'll really dislike once she succeeds.
  • My parents gave us this old push walker they had for Aiden. She loooves it! Except when she runs into something and can't move anymore. Then she screams. Really loud.
  • When you're holding her and make a bottle she cranes her neck around to try to look at you with the biggest smile. Like "Are you doing what I think you're doing??" It's so stinking cute!
  • She loves food. And she eats it by grabbing an entire fist full and forcing it into her mouth. Which of course means that it all ends up in her lap and she's lucky if the smallest morsel actually makes it in.
  • She makes the funny, scrunched little face when she's upset. And she makes this "oooooh" noise.
  • She gets pretty snuggly at night after she's had her bottle. Neither of my babes have been snuggly, so I'm thankful for this stage and hoping it lasts!
  • Speaking of night - she's FINALLY SLEEEEEEEPINGGGG! For real, sleeping through the night. Well, she wakes up once a night every once in awhile, but I'll take that all day long. Down around 7:30p/8p and up around 7:30a. HOORAY.
  • She is starting to get a temper. If she doesn't get her way, she SCREAMS. Ruh roh.
  • She's clocking in at 18lbs 7 oz (56%) and 29" tall (93%). That noggin full of brain is 17.5 (69%).
Some fun videos from this month:

Basically, we're obsessed with her and I want to eat her face off on a daily basis. What a treat you are, Emers!!

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