Let the Traditions Begin!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Even though Adam and I have been married a whole 9 months, we still haven't had a major holiday together! And by major holiday, I mean we've actually already spent Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day together, but still. We're finally settled in enough to start our own Baker Family traditions! With Halloween just around the corner, we decided we definitely need to make it a tradition to buy pumpkins every year - mainly because we're not creative enough to think of a cuter tradition yet. But we have to start somewhere!

This past Saturday was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, so we took advantage of the wonderful weather and headed out to a pumpkin patch. OK - so it was the front yard of a Church. (Baby steps!)

Here are a couple pictures from our pumpkin search.

When we got home I, of course, made Ruthie pose for pictures next to our purchases!

She was so patient and did so well while I was messing around with my camera. And you have to admit, she is absolutely ADORABLE! And then she ate the stems off my baby pumpkins, so now we're in a fight.

Happy fall!!

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