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Friday, October 7, 2011

Where to start? Well, I'm Elizabeth. I married my wonderful high school sweetheart, Adam, in January. Many say we married young, but why wait around when you know you've found the most perfect person in the world? Gotta lock it down!

Although he's generally the level-headed, patient one in the relationship - even he couldn't resist when we decided to 'stop in' to the Atlanta Humane Society right before our one month anniversary. That's right, we weren't even married a month before we added a new addition to our family - Ruthie! Here's our little stinker the day she picked us out at the Humane Society.

And here is our spoiled princess now!

She is a handful and a half, to say the least. But she brings us so much joy and is constantly making us laugh. She is also great birth control. Did I mention she's a handful?

Being in marketing, I know the point of a blog is to prove yourself or your company as being a thought leader in your category. Well, I am by NO means a thought leader in marriage or life, but I'll try to at least keep you entertained.

Stay tuned or not, the choice is yours!

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