...and the weekend continued!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

As overwhelming as my little brother's graduation post was, I thought I'd split the weekend into two posts.

Jefe and Katie headed back to Texas on Sunday afternoon and we headed straight to Kelly and Jason's pool to celebrate Jason's birthday! Kelly makes the most delish cakes, and this one was not an exception. Nom, nom nom!

Monday was Memorial Day and I was so happy to be able to spend the day with my handsome hubs! It's easy to forget how insanely lucky we all are that countless men and women have given their lives to ensure we get to spend lazy days at the pool. I am eternally grateful for their ultimate sacrifice.

Monday was super special for another reason.... the Meldrums came in town! Adam's mom, Debbie, fell in love with Annie Bananie when she was just a baby in church nursery. One thing led to another and the Bakers ended up watching all of the Meldrum kids and it was the highlight of Debbie's life! She will never always admit that she loves those kids more than her future grandchildren.

Three years ago, the Meldrums moved to Iraq to spread the Word after being called by God. They have done incredible things over there and you can keep up with them on Kristi's amazing blog (that should be turned into a book!). Anyway, they're back from Iraq for the summer and it was our first time seeing the kids since they left! It's unreal how grown up they are, but at least Annie still remembers us.

After dinner, we all went down to the tennis courts so Adam could throw around the baseball with them. Pretty impressive for a family without a baseball bat at home!

Toby got multiple hits!

Adam and his shortstop.

Jesse hit a homerun! (Actually, the ball hadn't event gotten to him, but we'll give it to him anyway.)

Go Annie!

And to top it all off - there was a double rainbow! Um, hello perfect day.

The Meldrums will be in town for a while, so we'll be able to see them at least once more. Woo hoo!

Also, last night was the Lassiter Baseball Banquet - the season is officially over. How handsome are the coaches? Best team, ever.

In case no one noticed - I actually just posted a blog on a weekday! About two weekday events! (Ok - so maybe Memorial Day doesn't count, but still).

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