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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I can't believe how long it's been since my last post - whoops! Lassiter Baseball is in the playoffs, so that has kept us pretty occupied (Round 2 starts tonight!). I'll just give you a quick overview of what's been going on with the Bakers lately...

Went to SocialSLAM with the Hens and Unkie Glenn. Party time!

Ruthie got a new collar.

Lassiter split the doubleheader of the 1st round of the state playoffs against North Forsyth...

...so I got a nice little sunburn watching them play (and win!) the third game in the scorching heat on Cinco de Mayo.

Celebrated Cinco de Mayo with friends at Chepe's.

Ruthie died and went to Heaven when Maddux and Avery came over for a playdate. Which means I didn't get to take the nap I was hoping for. 

Part of a huge tree fell in our backyard. Thank God no one/dog was outside when it happened. Reminds me, I need to call the landlord to get that sucker REMOVED.

Ruthie really enjoys napping on our bed. Thankfully, on Adam's side.

Nathan graduated from Georgia Tech and Meagan graduates from Kennesaw State on Thursday! We went to celebrate at Maggiano's.

AND we're back to Annalise Katherine! Congrats on finishing your first year of college, I guess?

We went to Elevation Chophouse for date night (thanks for the Groupon Mom & Dad!). Food wasn't great, but it was a pretty cool view.

Been spending some quality time with the hubs. Isn't he just so adorable?

Well, that's about it! My mom and I are headed to Philly tomorrow to spend the weekend with my best friend, Lindsay, and her mom. It's going to be amazing, and I'm sure I'll have plenty of pictures and stories to share.

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