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Monday, August 6, 2012

This is getting serious. My blog titles are on the fast track to being named "Week of July 30 - August 5." How do people think of witty titles on the reg? More power to you!

Anyway, since both sets of parents were busy on my birthday (can you believe that? On my birthday?!), we postponed my birthday dinners until this past week.

First up, dinner with my parents at Little Alley Steak. WOW, the food was so amazing. It's pricey, but worth the splurge if you have the means. Let me make it clear that Adam and I certainly do not have the means, hence the fact I made my parents take us. :)

My parents also spoiled me with this fabulous Hobo briefcase! I've been using my mom's since I got the new job, but was so excited to finally have one of my own! (Thanks to this picture, I can now see that my disgustingly beat-up yellow flats do not photograph well.)

After dinner, we headed over to my parents' house to wait for one of my very good friends, Christine. She was flying in from NYC, but was leaving first thing in the morning for a wedding in Nashville - so we only had a short window of time to see her. Of course, her plane got delayed and that window ended up being from midnight-2am. Dominica came over and we bothered Mitchell's friends to pass the time, and then we finally got to see our Christine!

Saturday was a lazy, rainy day that Ruthie and I both enjoyed napping through after walking up to get breakfast at Hoboken with that handsome hubs of mine.

That night was another round of ME at the Bakers. We had delicious tacos and she made a Ding Dong cake! It's basically made of Ding Dongs and whipped cream - and so worth every calorie.

Once again, I was so spoiled! Turns out my fabulous MIL (one of the two people I know that actually read this... HI DEBBIE!), has been turning to my blog and Facebook posts for present ideas. Come Christmas time, this blog will strictly be a wish list.

Anyway, Debbie and Dave got me this gorgeous monogram necklace - LOVE!!!

Kelsey got me this B-E-A-Utiful necklace, and Meagan & Nathan bought me a book (Water for Elephants) and my favorite Skinnygirl cocktail! What a wonderful, wonderful birthday!

Side note: I also got these bracelets from Dominica and Natalie (respectively), and some earrings from Alysa. I guess this was the birthday of jewelry - which I am not mad about!

This is such a terrible picture, and doesn't do the bracelet any justice!

Yesterday the weather was beautiful, so after an awesome morning of church and brunch, we spent the afternoon at the pool where I got to start my birthday book - so far so good!

Have I mentioned how much I love hanging out with Adam? I guess it's pretty convenient that I like him almost as much as I love him. Seriously, I don't think any couple has as much fun as we do. And then you throw Ruthie in the mix? We are just the happiest campers, ever! Actually, I think Ruthie and Adam would be content without me in the picture, but they're not getting rid of me. :)

Ok - final random blurb. I tried this new thing called Stitch Fix. Basically, you sign up and about a week later they send you an in-depth fashiony questionnaire. (All these fashion sites try to make it "Invite Only" and so exclusive, but really  I think it's their way of justifying the fact that they take their sweet time getting back to you initially.) Moving on! After I filled out the fun questionnaire, I paid $20 and in a week they sent me a box of 5 items based on what I filled out. If I decided to keep anything, the $20 went toward my purchase, and if I decided to keep all 5 items the $20 goes toward it and you get 25% off! I decided that I just had to keep one item, since it will probably be the last time I actually do it. It was super fun, but I find much better deals at TJ Maxx! If you'd like to try it (it's fun - just do it once!), then here's the link. I have to admit, if you use that link and actually do it, I get a credit. If you don't want to help a sister out, just go to their homepage - you won't hurt my feelings (only because I won't know you STABBED me in the back!). Totally kidding...kind of. Here's the loot I got! I only kept the fun dress on the far right.

Well, that's my week wrap up! Maybe next week it won't be all about me... but maybe it will. :)

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