Friday, August 16, 2013

I don't even know where I left off on my exciting life, but it's been awhile. I've had three events in less than one month (whaaat?), with the final one being this Sunday. Have to be honest, working 10 days in row really hasn't been bad because my job is so fun! However, I spent all day Wednesday thinking it was Thursday, so I think my brain needs a break.

Ok, some quick updates...

I went to Charlotte the weekend of August 2 to celebrate my birthday North Carolina style. Per usual, it was so much fun and I could have cried when I had to leave my little Nat. Friday night was bro time.... aka eat a lot of food and watch Katy Perry and Spring Breakers. (If anyone every tries to talk you into watching Spring Breakers, JUST SAY NO.) Katy Perry on the other hand, is our favorite movie. We may or may not have watched it three times in two days, and I may or may not know the choreography to Teenage Dream.

Saturday, Natalie forced me to be active in the morning and take a walk to a cute little breakfast place called Amelie's. I guess it was worth it - it made me feel a little less disgusting for chowing down on who knows how many pieces of pizza the night before. Then we headed over to Melvin's for some pool time (again, I guess that walk was a good idea).

Saturday night we were up to our usual shenanigans, followed by even more shenanigans because it was Morgan's birthday (she was nice enough to let me help her blow out her birthday candles - what a gem).

By the end of the weekend, I was pretty much convinced I was moving in as the fourth roommate. But then Sunday morning came around and I had to make the trek back to Atlanta to attend a wedding at the Greystone for Mallory and Alex.

On Monday, Allison and I met up with Richard Blais at Flip Burger to talk food and stuff. He was nice enough to take a picture with us and with the No Kid Hungry sign. Thanks, dude!

Thursday, I headed over to the CBS Studios to be on hand while a couple of our chefs and sommeliers did a spot for the upcoming Give Me Five event. They were rock stars!

Friday, it was off to Orlando for the final Taste of the Nation of the season! The event was a huge success - raising $245,000 to help end childhood hunger in Florida and nationwide. Holler!

Who knew there were still Dippin Dots around? Ice cream of the future!

Never know what entertainers are going to show up at this event!

Sunday, I was able to spend the day with one of my absolute favorites who lives in Orlando - Barbara. We had a yummy brunch at Spice, then headed to the Farmer's Market for bottomless mimosas and very entertaining people watching. Later in the day, we wandered up to the bars and let me tell you - Orlando takes Sunday Funday to a whole new level. The bars were packed and they had DJs and such. Party time! Too bad I had to head to the airport to catch my flight back home, but not before some moonshine-soaked cherries!

I came home late Sunday night to a "surprise" from Adam. He bought a car while I was gone. I know you can't sense my anger through the computer, but let's just say that I'm ANGRY. A car isn't a big purchase or anything.... Oh, and my phone broke last night so I get to go buy a new one today. AWESOME.

Well, my last event until October is on Sunday and I'm really looking forward to taking a deep breath and just relaxing. There it is. My exciting life.

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