New beginnings...again

Thursday, August 1, 2013

How many blogs have I titled "New beginnings" or something similar? I'll have to go back and count. I guess that's what is so exciting about life and being young - we run into new beginnings all the time. Lucky for me, I love change. I love change so much I still can't believe we bought a house. I would move to another state in a heartbeat. Yes, we would miss our family and our friends - but I just love a change of scenery. (With that being said, I catch myself saying "I love our house" multiple times a week.)

Enough about little ole me! This post is actually about Adam...or as he corrects me, "our family". (And here we come to a screeeeeching halt.... our family still just consists of me, Adam and Ruthie - so don't get excited about any expansions anytime soon.)

Ok, for real - moving on. A couple months ago, Adam received a sign (read: he did something that really pissed me off) that maybe coaching and teaching isn't what he really wants to do. He thought about it for a month or so (bossy ole me made sure he didn't just jump to a decision without really thinking about it.), and decided it's not what he wants to do. After asking him "Are you surrrree???" a million times in a million different ways, he finally put his foot down and said that while he is naturally really good at coaching/dealing with bratty teenagers/having the patience of Jobe, his heart was not in it. OK - I can respect that.

One of his close friends and college baseball buddies, Chad, worked at Enterprise Rent-A-Car and loved it. After they had some heart to hearts, Adam decided he wanted to apply. After four or so interviews, he found out he got the job the day before we left for Italy! Woo hoo!!

He's now in his third week and loves it! It's funny, I think the hours are really long (he leaves around 6:30am and gets home around 7:00pm), but he thinks it's a breeze compared to baseball season.

I'm super proud of him for making this decision - he had a lot of people telling him he had to coach and it's what he was meant to do, but he knew what was best for him and went for it.

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