3rd Annual Braves Opening Weekend

Monday, April 14, 2014

Keeping with tradition, we celebrated Dominica's birthday at the Braves Opening Weekend game this past Saturday. Since its the third year we've done this, it's turned into quite the spectacle with friends from out of town coming in for it. What can I say? Dominica's a big deal.

Let's back up to the end of last week, first....

This little psycho learned a new trick called "Jump from the chair to the table and make noise until mom comes out and looks."

He also met his first baby at the dog park - it was instant love for both of them. Ruthie was so over Hank at the dog park. She's over all of the attention he gets. 

The celebrations kicked off on Friday night when some of my favorite out-of-towners arrived and we headed to Chuy's for dinner.
 After dinner, it only made sense for us to take Natalie, Whittney and Alex (no pictures?) to Mulligan's. Whittney spent a good chuck of change at the jukebox, and Natalie played a mean game of dice with some locals...

Love my friends! Wish you were here, Annie!
 Saturday was game day, and after a brief stint at a Wedding Shower we were off to the tailgate. We decided to take Uber and it was the best decision going down there - it only cost $35! (Coming back was a different story... nightmare.) Of course, Natalie got shot gun so Adam had to squeeze in the back with us. (Poor Alex came down with a stomach bug! But he met us at the game later.)

REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD! I love my friends. Even when we can't pull it together for a nice picture.

Birthday girl!

How amazing does this look? Natalie made Dominica 'Trash Brownies'... cookie dough, oreos and brownie mix all baked together. SO DELICIOUS... and so easy to make.

Adam and his newly engaged girlfriend.

Lindsay came!!!! Her whole family came to the tailgate, including her niece Rachel - who was the hit of the party.

How amazing are these wine chalices? It's how they serve wine at Turner Field now.

It was perfect weather for a baseball game... and the Braves won!

Adam is seriously the child whisperer...kids just gravitate toward him. After flirting with him all night, Adam had to break her heart and tell her he was married. Her response? "What if she dies?" Gotta love kids!

Sister wives! Love my Barb.


And one more picture to seal the deal. Sorry, Madi! The rest of us look cute.

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