Happy Opening Weekend, Braves!

Monday, April 16, 2012

It's finally my favorite part of the year - Braves season! Adam and I weren't able to attend the Home Opener on Friday, since we were at the Hoochie, but we did go to Saturday's game. It was also Dominica's birthday, so it was a double celebration! In the morning, I had my last long run before the half marathon and Adam went to baseball. Then we all headed over to the Ted to tailgate before the game. The weather was (once again!) perfect, and the Braves won - so it was just a perfect day! We seriously have the most fun friends, and always have the best time together.

Rather than talk you through the afternoon - I'll just dump a bunch of pictures on you...

Dominica blowing out a lighter for her birthday!

Happy Birthday!

We gave away Dominica's birthday cupcakes on the way to the stadium...

We're looking forward to a summer full of nights like this! Go Bravos!

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