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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Let's see… what have we been up to at the Baker house? I don't feel like going into detail (not like there's much anyway), so here is quick roundup with pictures!

How adorable is this? Kalyn asked me to be a bridesmaid with this fun balloon adventure-in-a-box. I can't believe the balloon made it all the way from California… especially since USPS was in charge!

We celebrated Jillian and Austin's upcoming wedding with a fun couples shower.

Post-shower, a handful of us went to Atkins Park for some late night fun.

Adam was thrilled to watch UGA beat Auburn at my parents' little shindig, but my mom was still the cutest fan.

I had to go on a last-minute work trip to Charlotte, so took the chance to finally see a Hornets game with Natalie. Michael Jordan was sitting 10 rows in front of us… no big deal.

The new Restoration Hardware flagship store in Buckhead held a fancy pants opening party. That place is INSANE.

One of SIX levels…

I hadn't spent some QT with my favorite little man in awhile, so I bombarded the Causey house to steal him. We had a solid 10-15 minutes of being awake and not crying… a new record for me!

Adam finally had a Saturday off, so I put him to work! (Just kidding, I didn't even have to ask him.)

Saturday night, Adam and I met up with Aimee, Doug and some of their friends for a night out in Dunwoody. First stop, taking over the band at Dunwoody Tavern.

Madi eventually met up with us and we finished the night at Steak N' Shake.

Ruthie loves human food (obvi) and fell asleep begging for my lunch on Sunday. What a little weirdo!

We all celebrated Kelsey's birthday at Pasta da Pulcinella on Sunday night, followed by some Key Lime Pie and watching Adam change Jude's diaper back at the Bakers. This provided some good laughs!

They both survived!

Let's zoom in on the difference in hand size. So adorable!

That's about it! And other than obsessed over the Cilantro Lime Cauliflower rice, I haven't really made any new recipes. I did just finish our Thanksgiving dish, but I'll save that bad boy for the next post.

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