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Monday, November 10, 2014

It's been so nice to be home these past couple weeks! And with the weather finally becoming fall-ish, being outside is actually nice (before it gets too cold). 

I finally fought off my cold, which meant JUDE SNUGGLES! It had been an entire two weeks since I saw him, and he's basically talking and walking now. Well, not really. But he does smile! I got one out of him before he decided it was lunchtime, followed by scream time, followed by nap time. 

Look at my little buddy! The cutest, ever.

Adam and my dad have been playing tennis together for a couple seasons now, but I've only seen the last five minutes of one match prior to last week. The stars aligned and I was finally able to catch a match! They did great and won, despite Adam's ridiculous outfit... gray hat, black sweatshirt, red shorts, neon orange socks and neon blue shoes. What am I going to do with him?

Job perks! After doing a Wait Staff Training at Murphy's, I got to try out one of their new cocktails. This one is called Bye Felicia. Hilarious name and amazing drink.

Adam went hunting all weekend, so Dominica came over on Friday night to entertain me. I finally got photo evidence of our ridiculous dogs taking up the WHOLE bed. That's Dominica, so just think of how much worse it is with a grown man in the bed. Anyone have any tips to get/keep them off? It's getting ridiculous!

On Sunday, I attended one of my favorite events of the year - Les Dames d'Escoffier's Afternoon in the Country. It's a food and wine event out at Serenbe Farms - and the past three years we've lucked out with awesome weather!

Keurig had a pretty cool activation... and apple cider!

After the day in the country, Adam and I headed over to his parents' for dinner. His Aunt Liz (the original Elizabeth Baker!) and Uncle Tom were in town and Jude really enjoyed Uncle Tom's moose antlers!

Look at this kid! Could he be any cuter? It's nuts how much you love someone who's so little and doesn't actually do much. But every time I see him he's more alert. It was the coolest to see his face while Meagan was talking to him. He was so engaged and attentive - he loves that mama of his!

And my heart melted into a puddle. Adam loves this kid a whole lot.

Even when he's fussy he's the cutest thing!

No recipes this week! Unless you call baked chicken and broccoli a recipe. If you do, here it is. Bake chicken. Cook broccoli on the stove. Enjoy!

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