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Friday, December 19, 2014

Here's how my typical Christmas shopping goes... I buy a few gifts in November and I'm so proud of myself for getting a jump start! Next thing I know, it's December 22 and I haven't bought anything else since. I'm excited to say that I've been done Christmas shopping for weeks now! Of course, there are a few homemade items that need my attention, but I'm still proud of myself! Yippee!

Ok, last week...

I "won" a Girls Night at the new Kendra Scott at Avalon. They served us champagne and sweets and everyone got 15% off! Plus, since I was the host I was able to make something at the Color Bar... for free! It was a fun little mid-week girls night - topped off with dinner at The El Felix.

Adam and I had December 13th on our calendar for over a month - we were babysitting Jude! He was fussy in the beginning, but it was all worth it for the little smile fest we got from him!

In addition to our snuggle time with Jude, we spent the whole afternoon tracking down water for an event that evening. I was donating water and the delivery never arrived, so Adam and I grabbed all the water we could find at our house, my storage unit, Kroger and Publix. Ay yi yi! I ventured down to the party at JCT Kitchen & Bar about 11p on Saturday (post-babysitting) just to stop in. What a day! (The sparkling water went perfect with their "Sparkling Lights" party!)

Sunday, we celebrated Debbie's birthday with some yummy ribs and family time. Anddd that's it! Ok, I'm done for today.

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