23-25 Weeks

Monday, May 11, 2015

23 Weeks: April 21

Baby's the size of a: Grapefruit and her face is fully formed! We can't wait to see who she looks like!

Weight gain since last appointment: 6 pounds (Total: 12 pounds)

Baby's heart rate: 140s

Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty great, but thanks to my stuffy nose - getting up and ready for the day is miserable.

Best moment of this week: Adam got baptized!! I also had my 23 week checkup and met with one of the midwives for the first time - Beth. She was also Meagan's midwife, and Meagan really liked her. So far she's my favorite! Very comforting and took time to ask me questions and thoroughly answer any I had. 

Miss anything: We visited Mitchell for A Day this past weekend, and the mimosas looked pretty good on Saturday morning...

Food cravings: Donuts and waffles.

Anything making you queasy or sick: My dad's driving. :)

Symptoms: Lightheaded, sore abdomen, blurry vision, stuffy nose. But I'm not complaining! 

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!! I'm getting rid of this question. 

Looking forward to: Adam finally (if ever) getting to feel baby girl kick. I've felt her a handful of times, but she decides to get shy every time Adam tries. It's actually kind of funny (to me).

24 Weeks: April 28

Baby's the size of a: Cantaloupe (they're really reaching when it comes to the fruits here, aren't they?). She's now gaining about six ounces a week… growing girl!

Sleep: Let the tossing and turning begin! And by begin, I mean - continue.

Best moment of this week: We started our Bradley Method classes last week and we're so excited! Our teacher is awesome and we've already learned so much. We also got so much done around the house, which is a huge weight off my shoulders. 

Miss anything: A fun cocktail in this beautiful weather. 

Food cravings: Overall, everything's been pretty tame. Still love Frosty's… and Reese's Eggs.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I've really been paying attention to my protein intake, which has cut back any remaining queasiness.

Symptoms: It's crazy how much my posture has changed. Still have some round ligament pain, but I've been trying to drink at least 100 ounces of water a day, which has definitely helped! Don't get as light headed or tired these days, thanks to the protein I've been eating. (Only two classes in and look at how much the Bradley Method has helped!)

Looking forward to: Getting her nursery together! 

25 Weeks: May 5

Baby's the size of a: Cauliflower and she knows which way is up and which is down!

Sleep: Wahhh, I can't get comfortable. Even with my trusty Snoogle I'm tossing and turning all night.

Best moment of this week: Adam and I had a really great weekend and the weather was beautiful. So I'll go with that.

Miss anything: A fancy cocktail for the Kentucky Derby! I made myself a Pellegrino mocktail instead.

Food cravings: Nothing too crazy, but I did really want my mom's chicken and broccoli casserole - so I made it for the first time, ever. It was delicious and we ate it all weekend. The first leftovers that haven't creeped me out. Hooray!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really.

Symptoms: Same as last week, but seeing lots of improvements.

Looking forward to: My first baby shower this month, hosted by my amazing sisters!

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