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Monday, November 16, 2015

It's hard to get around to posting on this blog now that my days are consumed with my little love, but thanks to Aunt Kelsey I've been able to knock out a few posts today!

Speaking of Aunt Kelsey, she comes over every Monday to love on Aiden - and Aiden loves her! We love having you come play, Aunt Kelsey! (It's basically the only time I get around to cleaning.)

Look at how much these two love each other.

At the doctor for her two month appointment for shots. Saddest day, ever. It looks like she knew something was up, too.

Girls day out! How cute is she in that hoodie and those boots?

Cheering on the Cowboys for Papa!

Such a little lady.

Papabear and Aiden! She actually laughed for the first time for Papabear on November 1, such a special moment!

Aunt Katie and Uncle Jefe finally made it in town to meet Aiden! It was instant love.

She's still the cutest/snuggliest sleeper, ever.

She loved her first parade on Veteran's Day! It wore her out - she was asleep before I even buckled her back into her stroller.

Couch afternoons with my love!

The face of a baby who just had the most epic blowout. Poop everywhere. On her, on me, on the dresser, in her armpits. It was impressive.

We love her gummy smiles! She is such a happy baby and has become quite talkative in the last couple weeks.

Her new BFF, Fred! She loves this paci, and will cuddle with him when she's really tired. Too cute.

Cuddles with Nonna.

This morning she decided to wake up and be a grown up. Look at her dominating tummy time!

Let's end this post with a (shocking!) picture of someone other than Aiden! The other love of my life, JUDE!

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