Emerson: One Month

Friday, October 27, 2017

Well, here we are. Emerson is already one month old. I'm going to be honest, it didn't fly by. (In a good way!)

My dad bought Aiden the lamb she posed with every month and was so excited to buy this elephant for Baby Baker #2. Seriously, it was so cute. He did a lot of research trying to find the perfect one. I think he nailed it!

Some updates from month numero uno.
  • First things first, her sister is OBSESSED with her. Nothing could have prepared my heart for watching Aiden love on her sister. She gives her about 10,000 kisses a day and is such a great little helper.
  • We got sleepy smiles from Emerson in the hospital and our first official smile on October 15. I forgot how amazing that first smile is. So special.
  • She was super gassy in the hospital (they were STINKY), but was able to get it under control by the time we got home.
  • Her umbilical cord fell off on September 23, and Aiden was thrilled to be in charge of throwing it away. Haha
  • Like her sister, she was not a fan of the bassinet. We had her in bed with us for a few nights, but then moved her to the bassinet that's attached to the Pack n Play and she's been great in there.
  • Every once in awhile we get a four hour stretch at night, but for the most part she's up every 2-3 hours. I'm learning how to live in a constant state of exhaustion and am constantly asking God for grace and patience - because it's wearing very thin these days. 
  • She's a loud sleeper! I don't remember Aiden making so much noise, but Emerson sure does.
  • She really is a chill baby and seems so wise. I know that sounds dumb, but she really does. When she's awake she's very alert and loves to just take everything in. Aiden loves to say "Awake!" when she's awake.
  • She doesn't really cry, but sometimes it takes awhile to get her to sleep.
  • She loves to be swaddled - good thing Adam is a pro.
  • We get to use all of Aiden's clothes since they were both born in basically the same season. However, I had to pack away all the newborn stuff since she's such a chunker!
  • She wore newborn diapers for maybe a week before she grew out of them.
  • Speaking of chunker, here are some of her stats...
At 5 days...
Weight: 8 lbs 4.5 oz (half an ounce away from her birth weight!) - (80%)
Length: 21"- (97%)
Head: 14.25" - (95%)

At 16 days...
Weight: 9 lbs 9 oz - (87%)
Length: 22" - (99%)
Head: 14.75" - (97%)

At 1 month...
Weight: 10 lbs 12.5 oz - (85%)
Length: 22.75" - (98%)
Head: 15.25" - (98%)

Any bets on how long I keep up these monthly updates with baby #2? Sorry in advance, Emmie!

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