Family of Four

Friday, October 27, 2017

(Blogged while still in the new mom haze, but never got around to posting.)

I still can't believe how different Emerson looks than Aiden! For starters, she was born 2lbs and 2oz heavier than Aiden! But keeping in the Baker tradition, Emerson's head is in the 97%. Good Lord, I birth huge headed babies.

It's hard to believe we're officially a family of four. And we have two girls! Oh, my heart melts thinking of these sisters.

We had to spend an extra day in the hospital since my water was broken for so long and they ran blood tests on Emerson and I (all came back clear!). Most people want to get the heck out of there, but Adam and I loved it. We have such great memories there with Aiden - our first days as a family of three - and were honestly really excited to be back in the hospital.

Breastfeeding got off to an interesting start. Aiden latched on right after birth and I never had to really learn anything. Emerson also latched on, but she had a really shallow latch which lead to painful nips. We eventually got the hang of it, but those days of nursing through recovery - OUCH.

Leading up to Emerson's arrival, I would get pretty emotional thinking of Aiden coming up to the hospital to meet our newest addition. When the moment finally came, I actually held it together. Probably because it was so chaotic in that room. I kind of wanted to scream. Aiden was really shy at first, but finally started warming up. Thanks to my mom for capturing this sweet video and some really great pictures.

We headed home on Wednesday, September 20 (Happy Birthday, Jude!) and were officially on our own with TWO babies. The first couple of weeks were very emotional for me. Lots of guilt and sadness thinking of how different our life was going to be. Aiden will no longer be the center of our world. Emmie won't get the same, all-on-you attention that Aiden got. Aiden will never remember being our only child. It was rough. But I know God is in control and as long as we remain faithful parents - looking to Him for guidance - He will equip the called.

Physically, that first week of recovery seemed to go a lot better than with Aiden! But, I guess that was just the Motrin doing it's job because I totally overdid it and basically spent all of week two in bed.

After those first couple of weeks, we've gotten into the swing of things and are really enjoying this new dynamic. I'll leave you with some pictures of those squishy newborn days!

All the heart eyes for this girl dad!

Meeting Papabear! Emerson's middle name, Charlotte, is for my dear Mamabear who passed away in July. Papabear loves calling Emerson "Charlotte" :)

Headed home

Aiden has been obsessed since day one. Sisters! 

Matching Bla Bla dolls. We love you Aunties Anna, Natalie and Dominica!

Our first day without Daddy! (Boo for dad's only getting one week off. Well, boo for all baby leave in America, but I won't get into that.)

Matching jammies! I saved so much money this pregnancy since I didn't buy any clothes, but now that's all gonna go to matching outfits. I can't even!

Isn't this the best? Thank you to Allison for the adorable shirt/onesie!

Daddy and his girls (!!) on game day!

Update: Our toddler still throws tantrums.

First picture post-hospital with my girls.

Emmie's first doctor's appointment! Aiden wore this same outfit to her first doctor's appointment. And yes, I am going to dress them in the same outfits for each milestone as long as I'm able.

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  1. So so so sweeeet!!! I adore the matching/coordinating ensembles.


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