Emerson: Four Months

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Our sweet Emmie girl is already four months old! We had a much less exciting month than Aiden did at this age (it's when she had Kawasaki Disease), which we are very thankful for.

  • Still thanking God that she's such a chill baby (something I specifically prayed for). She has seemed like such an old soul since the day she was born. We love her so.
  • She is still smiley as can be, but no one can make her smile quite like her sister.
  • Aiden is still obsessed and has started using a baby voice when she talks to her - it's the cutest. "Emmmmiiieeee! Hiiiiiiii!"
  • We figured she was teething, because she's a drool monster and constantly has her hands in her mouth. Aiden had teeth by this age, but so far nada for Emerson.
  • If her hands aren't in her mouth, her feet are! If she could name a best friend, I'm pretty sure she would pick her feet over Aiden.
  • She is starting to be a chatty one! Forgot how adorable those baby noises are.
  • She has started reaching for faces, among other things.
  • Somehow she's already big enough to play in her bouncy chair and spend some time in her Bumbo.
  • Her hair is slowly growing in... BLONDE! Eeeek, I'm so excited!
  • She rolled form her belly to her back on 12/21 and is SO close to rolling from her back to her belly. it's kind of hilarious watching her try so hard.
  • She's not on a schedule yet, but typically takes about three naps a day. Sometimes they're 20 minutes long, sometimes they're 1.5 hours. We never know what we're going to get.
  • To get her to sleep, our go-tos are either walking with her in a dark room or holding her hand. Adorable and weird.
  • She's a terrible sleeper at night. As much as I'm thanking God she's so chill, I'm also asking him to teach her how to sleep at night. There is no rhyme or reason to her getting up. That paired with the couple times she slept 8+ hours in November, I'm going crazy!
  • Tonight, we're moving her to her crib. See above. We're all in desperate need of sleep. (Except Aiden, she's still my pro sleeper. Praying Emerson screaming in her crib next door won't wake her up.)
  • She's coming in strong at 14lbs 2 oz (41%), 25.25" (81%) with a noggin that's 16.5" (84%). Real talk, I've thought her head is MASSIVE (maybe because Aiden had a lot more dark hair at this point?). Anyway, the doctor said her head isn't even that big. Haha. 
Some video highlights from this month:
It was so hard picking a picture for this month, because she's just SO CUTE!! Here are some of my other faves from our photo shoot.

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