Emerson: Seven Months

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Well, this was a FUN month! Emerson is certainly keeping us on our toes, but finally in the best ways! No longer because she's fussy and screaming through the night, but more so because the girl does.not.stop.

  • She kicked off month seven by continuing to be a terrrrrible sleeper at night. I called the nurse hotline at our pediatrician more times than I'd like to admit, because she would wake up screaming at all hours of the night. They thought it was teething, but then one day - out of the blue - she went back to getting up every 3-4 hours to eat. No rhyme or reason and no more teeth. Even the doctor was confused. It's God, I tell ya. Many, many desperate prayers later, He answered.
  • She decided to go on a nursing strike. She's done this before (where she just refuses to nurse), but it's now been a couple weeks and she still has zero interest. At first I felt really guilty (mom guilt, leave me alone), but she has been sleeping so much better (only up once or twice a night!) and honestly seems much happier. I'm still pumping three times/day, but I'm not going to push the nursing thing since she clearly doesn't mind! (I'm also trying not to be sad about it. Can't believe our nursing days are already over. Sigh.)
  • She lost the Zippadeezip and is sleeping in just her jammies, like a big girl.
  • She's not a huge fan of her paci, but does use them as her lovey. She likes to have a handful of them in the crib with her when she sleeps.
  • She said "dada" on March 24. Aiden never babbled, so having this chatty little baby is pretty adorable! She hasn't said "mama", but think it's hilarious when I do.
  • As I mentioned, SHE DOESN'T STOP. Adam and I are a little nervous about how crazy this child is going to be. We had to lower her crib on April 2, because I walked in to find her sitting up in there one day and standing up the next!
  • She loves to pull up on everything (especially humans) and quickly figured out how to army crawl. On April 9 she was officially off on all fours. We have a crawler! 
  • Man, she's fast. And just like her big sister, she immediately makes a bee line for the dog bowls!
She's the cutest little nut I know, and I'm so proud that she's mine. We love you, Emers!

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