Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Monday, November 21, 2011

"Let the good times roll!" as they say in New Orleans.

Adam and I had a wonderful weekend with my cousin, Michael, and his adorable girlfriend, Maggie, She is a high school science teacher and Michael is in the Coast Guard, and they both (conveniently) live in Biloxi, Mississippi. On Friday morning, Adam and I packed up and drove down to spend the weekend with them.

We spent a couple hours in Biloxi while Maggie finished up her school day, and then we all piled into Michael's Tahoe and headed to New Orleans for the night! In one short hour, we arrived at the Holiday Inn French Quarter. We were literally a block from Bourbon Street, which was both amazing and dangerous.

We started the night with dinner at River's Edge - right across from the famous Cafe du Monde.

After dinner, on our way to Bourbon Street, we stopped in at The Cigar Factory so the boys could purchase some stogies. All of the cigars are made in-house, and you can watch the talented guys roll them - Michael was absolutely fascinated by how fast they worked. I was told that they make 30,000 cigars a month! And I believe it based on how fast they're made.

Being the girls that we are, we also made the boys pose for a picture in front of the fleur-de-lis tree in the French Quarter.

I was told that we had to partake in a Hand Grenade at Tropical Isle, so that was our first bar. The drinks are DELISH, but deadly! As you may or may not be able to see from the picture, they come with these baby grenades that float on top of your drink. The bar has an elevated net for patrons to shoot these grenades into, and of course Adam was the only one in our group to make the shot.

Our next stop was another Nola staple, the piano bar Pat O'Brien's. It was here that Adam and I reconnected with one of my very good friends from high school, Meghan, and her boyfriend, Peter. They have both lived in Nola since college graduation, so it was great to finally see her! Of course, I also had to try their signature drink, the Hurricane.

Through the wonderful world that is social media, I found out that another friend of ours was in town! Now this is just ridiculous - Adam and I met Bailee and David when we were honeymooning in Jamaica. They both live in Rochester, NY, but Bailee was in town with her mom while David and the boys were hunting. It never ceases to amaze me how small the world really is. (Please excuse my terrible posture in this picture.)

Bailee and I decided to try yet another signature drink - this time is was the Shark Attack. It was a clear drink, but then they stabbed these sharks into our cups, which gushed out some sort of red liquid (appetizing, right?). And for old times' sake, we had to take a Jameson and pickle back shot to bring back the good ole days in Jamaica!

I want to believe it was the final Jameson shot that sent me over the edge, but I'm sure all of the signature drinks I enjoyed didn't help. Needless to say, our Saturday in Biloxi was anything but exciting. I was a mess the entire day, and am still so mad at myself! However, we did get to spend some quality time with Michael and Maggie - so that was awesome! I think it's safe to say I got Bourbonized.

We made the trek back to Atlanta yesterday, and I am rejoicing this three-day week before a family-filled Thanksgiving on Thursday!

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