5th Annual Lassiter HS Baseball Christmas Party

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last night marked the 5th Annual Lassiter HS Baseball Christmas Party, and even though that title is plenty long, I think it requires some background discussion.

Adam has played baseball his entire life. Ever since he could talk he would walk around with his toy bat and say "I play baseball?" When we first started dating our junior year of high school he was just kicking off baseball season at Lassiter High School. Their team was amazing - they made it all the way to the Georgia AAAAA State Finals, only to lose to Chattahoochee. The next year, there were 12 returning seniors that were lovably coined The Dirty Dozen. We thought the 2005 team was incredible, but in 2006 they were unstoppable - finishing the season 32-4 and going 10-0 in the postseason. Adam was an integral part of the team both years and I will forever cherish all those hours I spent at baseball fields watching the Trojans play. Senior year, Adam hit a walk-off home run in the semi-finals and the AJC got a great picture of it. It is one of my most favorite pictures.

Adam went on to play college ball at Western Carolina and North Georgia, but nothing will ever compare to the Lassiter Trojans. Most of the boys had been playing baseball together since they were kids, so the parents and families were all close. The December after everyone graduated high school, the Bishops decided to host a Christmas party for the boys and their parents. It has been five years since that first party, and it has slowly grown to include wives, fiancees and girlfriends. Although there is always one or two that can't make it - everyone makes their best effort to not miss it. (We also noticed last night that all of the parents are still married! In this day and age, that is really something amazing to see.)

Out of the 12 boys, four of them are married and two are engaged. And out of that, two are married and one is engaged to their high school sweetheart (Adam & I included). We have been invited to all of the weddings, and they were all invited to ours. It is such an amazing group, and I'm so happy the Bishops continue to invite all of us into their home every year.

Here's a picture of 11 of the 12 at our wedding. So far we've had the best attendance out of all the weddings! Due, in large part, to the fact that no one is ever doing anything in January.

And here's a picture of the group last night. Such a fun time!

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