Our First Christmas...before Christmas

Thursday, December 29, 2011

This year marked our first Christmas! Since we were traveling to Arizona for the Christmas holiday, we celebrated ours a little early (December 21, to be exact). It didn't seem too Christmas-y since I worked all day, but it was still so wonderful.

While I was at work, I told Adam that I wanted to start some fun Christmas traditions (since I'm trying real hard to start fun holiday traditions). He told me that he had a few in mind, and he would surprise me when I got home. Seriously, he's the best.

When I got home, he revealed our new Christmas traditions!

1. He ordered pizza (specifically Papa John's)! We obviously won't be continuing this tradition, since I don't think Papa John's delivers pizza on Christmas morning, but it was so perfect for that night.

2. We had to say "Merry Christmas!" and give each other a kiss after each present was opened. I'm sure this one will wear off after awhile, but we had fun laughing about it!

3. While we open presents, we will always wear tacky hats. His original plan was for us to wear tacky sweaters, but he couldn't track one down for himself at the Thrift Store - so tacky hats it is! I'm sure our kids will be thrilled to partake in this fun tradition.

We both totally racked up on the loot (and Ruthie got a yummy bone, too!), but I obviously think I got the best presents. This one was my absolute favorite! Mainly because he made it all by himself, and I didn't even tell him it's what I wanted. In case the picture doesn't really make sense, I'll clarify. He bought those two frames and got rid of the backing. Then he nailed two rows of string to each frame, and the pictures are held up with clothes pins. So creative!

We had a wonderful first Christmas together, and were really looking forward to Christmas/Family Reunion in Phoenix! Stay tuned...

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