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Monday, January 16, 2012

Yesterday marked our first wedding anniversary! It really is crazy to think we have already been married for an entire year. I can only hope the years to come are even half as great as this one!

To celebrate, we decided against gifts, and decided to spoil ourselves with an amazing anniversary dinner on Saturday night. I let Adam take charge of finding a restaurant and making reservations, and he did good. We went to Kevin Rathbun Steak in Atlanta, and it was seriously the most amazing meal either of us has ever had.

Sunday was our actual anniversary, and we decided to keep it low key. I woke up with Ruthie, since I was planning a surprise breakfast for Adam. If you know me, you know I do not cook (Did you notice the name of this blog?). Thank God Adam loves to cook and is really good at it - otherwise we would have pasta with olive oil every night. Anyway, I decided to make him Eggs Benedict - his favorite breakfast meal! It was definitely tricky, and I probably should have tried a recipe that was more at my level (i.e. toast?), but since he spoils me all the time I knew I could pull it off. And I DID!

The weather was a 10 on the Wizometer, so we obviously had to take advantage of it! We spent the beautiful afternoon on the 4-mile Iron Hill Trail with Ruthie.

I was also in charge of making dinner on our anniversary (me? cooking twice in one day?). We were supposed to have shish kabobs, but we don't have any skewers (kind of a key component of shish kebabs), so we had steak for the second night in a row. I'm sure I did a great job, but it's kind of hard comparing it to the steak we had on Saturday night. Did I mention that food was amazing?

It was an absolutely perfect anniversary, and I pray that we will always have this much fun together. The only thing that could have made it better is if we got up this morning and headed to Jamaica for our honeymoon!

P.S. Shout out to Debbie and Dave for buying us the Kitchenaid Pasta attachment for our anniversary! I cannot wait for Adam to use it. And also to my wonderful parents for the Crate & Barrel gift certificate! We have the best family!!

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