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Friday, February 24, 2012

Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent, which I have participated in since I can remember. And as long as I can remember, I've always given up some type of food: candy, meat, fried foods, flamin' hot cheetos, snack foods, chips and salsa, etc. Adam never participates because he said that girls only do it to provide some will power so they can lose weight. Of course, when he first told me this I got super offended and told him that was not why I did it. But eventually I realized he was right (I hate don't like when he's right). Is there really anything we can do on earth that even comes close to what Jesus did? Nope.

So this year I decided to use Lent as an opportunity to try to change a habit I don't like about myself. I used to pride myself on never 'hating' anyone because I thought the word was just so final and harsh. However, since I started working I realized that 'hate' is now a main word in my vocabulary. I say it. A lot. And I hate don't like it.

From now until Easter I will be making a conscious effort to STOP using the word 'hate' forever! And so far it's SUPER hard.

Wish me luck!

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