Grandpa Blumenkamp's Funeral

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Disclaimer: I have had this blog drafted since we returned from St. Louis a week and a half ago. I really wanted to include some of the bible verses from the funeral, among other things, but now I can't remember. So here's what I can remember from the weekend we spent celebrating his life.

On Wednesday, February 8 we received the news that Adam's grandpa had passed away. We knew it was coming, but didn't know it would happen to fast. He hasn't been well for quite some time, and was ready to head home to Heaven. Adam was able to call and say goodbye to him the week before, which was very special.

We arrived in St. Louis that Saturday afternoon, and were able to spend the remainder of the day visiting with family. I wanted to help with dinner, so Debbie put me in charge of the salad (because who can honestly mess up a salad?). All I had to do was mix two types of lettuce, add Provel cheese (we are in St. Louis) and black olives. Leave it up to me to cut my finger open with the black olives. It wasn't a bad cut, but leave it to me to cut myself while making a salad.

While it was a sad occasion that the whole family was together, it was wonderful to see everyone. Grandma was surrounded by the people who love her and Grandpa the most. The visitation occurred after church on Sunday, and it was unreal how many people showed up to lend their support to Grandma and the rest of the family. The line was literally out the door for hours! It was so amazing to see how many lives he truly touched.

The funeral took place on Monday morning, and many of his grandchildren spoke or sang in his honor. Adam wrote something for the Reflection portion of the funeral service, and just about ripped everyone's heart out. It was so touching, and straight from the heart.

We attended the burial at Jackson Barracks National Cemetery, and it was so moving. I had never been to a military burial, and was surprised to see how much they do for every service man or woman when they pass. They played taps, performed a gun salute, and there were two Marines on hand to fold the flag and give it to Grandma. It really was so beautiful.

We will all miss him, but are glad he is out of pain and hanging out with the big guy upstairs. Prayers for Grandma would be much appreciated as she transitions to life without Grandpa (physically) around anymore.

We love you!

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