Slainte to Savannah!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

This past weekend was St. Patty's Day! And for the first time in years, it fell on a Saturday. When the ladies at work found out it was going to be on a weekend we decided we had to attend. And don't judge us for securing our hotel a year in advance, because we did. They said this weekend in Savannah was supposed to be the biggest St. Patty's Celebration in the world. They were expecting 1 million people at the parade - and if I had to guess, they hit it.

We all took Friday off work and headed down to Savannah bright and early to beat traffic. I guess we did the right thing because when we arrived at 1:30 there was zero traffic and we were able to breeze through check in at the hotel. IT WAS AMAZING. All credit goes to Sarah for making us leave so early.

Savannah has this amazing thing called an open container law (which I think every city should instate). So when we arrived to our hotel, we poured ourselves a drink and walked around the city.... WITH A DRINK IN OUR HANDS!

We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott and I highly recommend it. We could walk everywhere and we had a cute little balcony that overlooked (you guessed it) a courtyard. After walking around on Friday afternoon we took advantage of the heated hotel pool - the weather was absolutely perfect. Sunny in the mid-high 70s. Yes, please!

Friday night we met up with Sarah's college friend, Lindzi, and her husband, Jeb, for dinner at this cute place called Belford's. Here's the ATL group in front of the restaurant.

After dinner we finished off the night with some canolis at Corleone's - yum!

The next morning we were up bright and early for ST. PATTY'S DAY!!! We were up by 9 and drinking by 10 - being true Irish people, right?

Adam had a doubleheader on Saturday, so he wasn't able to come with us to Savannah. :( I was super sad because it's his favorite holiday, and Savannah was just so amazing. But he was there in spirit!! Here we are posing...

Vann wasn't able to come with us, either. She's too busy becoming a super smart doctor! But we saved a spot for her.

The parade started at 10, and we walked over to meet up with Lindzi and Jeb again. We were able to watch the parade from, in my opinion, the best spot. Thanks to them, we were able to watch the whole thing from the porch of the Spanish Moss Inn. Did I mention how amazing the weather was?? IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!

I took SO many pictures the entire weekend, but here's just a sneak peek...



Budweiser Clydesdales!

Watching the parade from the Spanish Moss Inn.

So apparently there's a tradition where women are supposed to wear red lipstick and run into the parade and kiss people? Well, we weren't aware of this tradition so we did not have any red lipstick. However, after a few drinks we decided it was our American duty to run out and annoy the servicemen in the parade. This is probably my favorite picture of the we are harassing the NYPD. They loved it.

After the parade was pure chaos. I have never seen so much traffic in my life. The entire city was sitting in gridlock traffic from the time the parade ended at 3pm, and it was still that bad when we were going back to the hotel around midnight. Lucky for us, we got to walk past everyone and feel bad for them because we could walk everywhere. :)

In front of a green fountain!

After the parade, we headed back to the pool and the rest of our day consisted of pool, food and dancing. Such a fun trip!

Thank you for a wonderful weekend, Savannah! I can't wait to come visit you again!

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