The Big 2-4

Monday, March 26, 2012

So this is late. Adam's birthday was last Monday!! The big 2-4....or as I like to say, officially in his mid 20s. Last Sunday, we celebrated at his family's house - Adam and Nathan share the same birthday, so we killed two birds with one stone.

I think I've made it pretty clear that I don't cook, but for some reason I always decide to make the hardest things for Adam. (You may recall the eggs benedict I made him for our anniversary?) So for his birthday I decided to make cheese fondue! We got a fondue maker (which I later found out was just a small bowl to hold the fondue) for our wedding, but have never used it. I got kind of creative when it came to what we were going to dip... zucchini, jalapenos, four cheese ravioli, bread, brats, tater tots and pizza rolls. SO delicious and SO unhealthy - our favorite. :)

Since his mom had made him a delish red velvet cake, he decided he only wanted a cookie cake from me. This actually turned out to be the best thing ever since I was still cooking the fondue/sweating profusely when Adam got home from practice. I never would have had time to make a cake!

The day also happened to be the best day EVER since he found out he got the supply teaching job at Lassiter!!!!!!!! Talk about the best birthday!!

We decided to celebrate his birthday this past weekend so our friends could join us. Adam's favorite day is St. Patty's Day, and since he couldn't come celebrate with us in Savannah I found a fun Irish bar called Johnnie MacCracken's for us to go to on Saturday night. It was such a super fun night, and we were so glad our friends were able to make it! Somehow I didn't snap one picture of Adam that night, but it's probably because he was too busy running around like a crazy person with Kirklan, his friend from school who came down to celebrate. 

But here are some other shots from the night...

Such a fun night with some of our favorite people!!

SIDE NOTE: Saturday also happened to be Mitchell's prom, so of course Adam and I had to crash the picture party. He looked so handsome!

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