I'm totally OK with this weather...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This winter has been insane  - but in a ridiculously good way! I think I've only pulled out my big jacket like five times, and I am loving it. This past weekend, the weather was absolutely amazing - sunny in the mid 60s. Yes, please!

Saturday was my B-E-A-Utiful mother's birthday! She spent the day relaxing (her favorite past time), and then we all went to a delish dinner at Bocado. I've always heard amazing things about this restaurant, and it's constantly named one of the best in Atlanta. Although the food was great, I wasn't too impressed with the service or the atmosphere. BUT we had a great group, and it was super fun anyway! 

The gang's all here!

Mom, Dad and Mitchy

Happy birthday, pretty lady!

Cake? For me?!

Sunday was equally beautiful as Saturday, so Adam and I took advantage of it! I started the day with a 6 mile run (still training for the half marathon), and then we went to the grocery story so we could grill out. We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the backyard reading (me) and getting antsy (Adam). 

Adam can never really enjoy the outdoors - he always has to be doing something. So while I was relaxing, he decided to pull out his fishing pole and go fishing with Ruthie. In our backyard. That has no type of water source.

Here's my adorably weird husband and Ruthie....well, fishing?

And here's the two lovebirds, again. They really are best friends - I'm kind of jealous.

So there's a little peek into our beautiful, relaxing weekend! Sundays are now my favorite, because it's the one day a week Adam has no baseball, so we get to spend the whole day together.

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