Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WE DID IT!!!! Matelyn and I finished our first half marathon on Sunday! Our final time was 2:26:22 (11:10 pace). Not too shabby, if I may say so myself. The course was ridiculously hilly (contrary to what the website stated...), and we both started struggling around mile 8, but we only walked for a total of maybe 3 minutes. And stopped twice to stretch. I think that's pretty impressive. Of course, the winner ran it in 1:31:29, but who cares?

We definitely couldn't have done it without the best cheering team - Adam, Debbie Dave, Ruthie, Maddux and Avery!! THANK YOU!!!

And so it begins... (and yes we matched)

Just about half way!

About to cross the finish line! 

Wooo! We did it!!

Since the race was at Lake Lanier, my bosses let us use their fabulous lake house - Lake Ranch Lodge.

Our view for the weekend.

Ruthie was in puppy heaven (annnd so were we).

On Sunday night, our friends Dallas and Chad were able to come over and grill out with us. We hadn't seen them since they got engaged(!), so it was very fun to hang out.

It was a super fun weekend, and I still can't believe that we actually DID IT!!! Cheers to us! And thank you to everyone who prayed for us and wished us luck! Couldn't have done it without you!

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