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Monday, April 9, 2012

We had another fun-filled weekend in the Baker household! One day I'm going to actually post things that happen during the week and not just the weekend, but right now nothing really happens during the week...

Have I mentioned how insanely amazing the weather has been lately? Well, it's amazing. Saturday I woke up and ran 9 miles (less than 2 weeks until the half marathon)! My big brother, Jeff, was in Augusta with work so my parents and I met him half way in Madison for lunch. Adam would have joined us, but we're in the middle of baseball season so he had a game. If you ever have a spare afternoon, I highly recommend making the hour drive over - it's the most adorable little town. Apparently it's the #1 small town in America, but I'm sure they all say that.

We ate lunch at Amici's and then went exploring. The Captain on Jeff's flight also tagged along. Poor guy probably wasn't expecting to spend the afternoon with our crazy family. 

Jeff and I in front of the Monroe County Courthouse.

Casual Karen.

Madison is home to Georgia's oldest tree. It's a beast.

After our exciting afternoon in Madison, we headed back. And Adam and I spent the rest of the evening grilling out with some of our good friends.

Yesterday was EASTER! Adam and I attended a wonderful church service at Due West UMC, but due to our lack of timing skills we had to leave early to get to his parents' house. AND of course we were still 35 minutes late. I was beyond mortified.

I didn't take any pictures on Easter, except for this one. Adam and Dave brought the living room TV onto the covered porch, and we watched the Braves game out there. It was magnificently relaxing.

Then we headed over to my parents' to celebrate Easter with them. Busy and exhausting day, but it's always fun to spend time with the fam!

Here's something exciting that happened during the week: Today is Adam's first day teaching by himself! He's been observing/semi-teaching while the teacher was still there, but today was the first day he had the class to himself. So exciting!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing Easter weekend!

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