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Monday, October 15, 2012

I just thought of the most genius idea. Someone should create a website where you type in keywords and it generates a blog title for you! Seriously, wouldn't that be genius? Someone go do that, and give me all the credit.

Anyway, another fabulous weekend under our belts! Here's a quick rundown of work and play....

Thursday, 10/11
The fabulous Chef Mike Fuller has picked Share Our Strength as his charity for the 4G For Hunger campaign with Verizon Wireless and Modern Luxury (more on that later...)! Conveniently, the same week his new restaurant in Atlanta opened - Del Frisco's Grille. I was able to bring a guest to the party, so I brought my mama! The food was delish, the drinks were strong and the company was the best. Chef Mike was amazing - I'm so excited to work with him on the campaign!

Friday, 10/12
Adam didn't have practice - yay!!! Want to know how we celebrated? We went to the grocery store, picked up a movie from Red Box and made dinner. And I was asleep on the couch by 9:30, Pretty exciting stuff, huh? Oh, let's not forget - Adam also checked his blood pressure. We sound so boring, but we love it. I love just hanging out with him, it's my favorite past time!

Saturday, 10/13
After Adam's practice, we headed up to the Iron Hill Trail at Allatoona Lake. We love that 4 mile loop... especially Ruthie. I had these big plans to go to a pumpkin patch after the hike and pick out our pumpkins and possibly get some hot apple cider (ok, I was really banking on them having hot apple cider). However, after 4 miles on empty stomachs, the last thing we wanted to do was go to a pumpkin patch. To solidify our decision, I realized we wouldn't even get cute pictures since we were in workout clothes. I made more big plans to go on Sunday instead. (Guess how that worked out? I went to Harry's Farmers Market by myself on Sunday and just threw a pumpkin in the cart. OVER IT. I am excited to carve it, though!)

Saturday night we helped Chad celebrate his 25th birthday. Adam and Chad played baseball together at North Georgia and I happen to love all of his friends from up there, so it worked out well!

It was a perfect fall weekend, topped off with perfect weather and a perfect hubs.

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