Y'all.. We're HOMEOWNERS!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

As of yesterday, at approximately 11am - Adam and I became HOMEOWNERS!

I was just waiting for something to go wrong, but it went as smooth as possible. The closing attorney was awesome and gave us the high-level explanation of everything we signed, but also told us that it didn't matter if we read everything or not - nothing's negotiable at that point. Good thing, because we weren't planning to read everything anyway!

<He did tell us that engineers are the only people who actually read all the paperwork - Nathan, I'm looking at you. :) >

So we signed our names more than we ever have before and that was that. The previous owners slid over the key (a key with a flame design on it, might I add) and we were off to lunch to celebrate!

We picked up some paint samples and spent the afternoon testing those out. I think I'll finally feel like the house is ours once it's painted. Right now I feel like I'm barging in on the previous owners' home.

After painting we had to pop bottles in OUR house, of course. Thank you to the fabulous in-laws for the champagne!

We forgot Ruthie's water bowl, so we had to make do. She is super dramatic about being hydrated, so she just had  to have some.

I have to add - we could not have done this without the world's best real estate agent - my mama! She was so on top of everything, and didn't get annoyed when I constantly bugged her with questions. We love you!

Tonight is Halloween and we're going to sit outside and try to meet our neighbors as they walk by. Fingers crossed they don't think we're super creepy!

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